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..Society of Automotive Engineers Aero Design West..
2003,2002,2001,2000 competitions
at Lancaster Ca, on the first weekend in June

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Photos of the 2003 ADW competition 2003 event, June 6-8 at Lancaster

Photos of the 2003 SAE event in Brazil

.. the Brazilian SAE site....

Photos of the ADW 2002 event, June 7-9 at Lancaster

Open class winner..

Photos of the ADW 2001 event, June 8-10 at Lancaster

Photos of the ADW 2000 event, June 9-11 at Lancaster

2000's competition, 1st Place Team

Ecole Polytecnique de Montreal.. 20.01 pounds lifted The weight was lifted Sunday, when the winds were not favorable at all, with a lot of heat. Sunday was cursed with low to no winds, and warm, raising the density altitude to 4300 feet. Few planes could get off in the 200 foot distance on Sunday.

Round 8 on Sunday had no sucessful Regular Class scores.

The UC Davis team lifted 20.88 pounds on Saturday, Round 3. And tried 23.26 pounds on Sunday, but failed.. University of Akron lifted 23.02 pounds in Round 7 Sunday, but damaged the plane on landing, losing a part, which scores a 0 for the round.

The University of Texas Pan-Am managed a takeoff on Sunday in Round 8 with 20.51 pounds, but this overran the 200 foot takeoff requirement by 15 feet.

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