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...Great Plane Spirit Elite 2M glider electrified....

The Elite is intended to be a contest glider.. Rudder, elevator, spoilers, flaps and ailerons where the Spirit has only rudder and elevator. I chose to use only rudder and elevator..

Electrified GP Spirit Elite

Endoplasma 16T car motor, Master 3.5:1 gearbox, APC 12x8.5 folder ,
Wattage IC-550, 7x1000 mah battery.. wt 43. Flies extremely well! Climb is easily 70 degees . Glides well.

equipment layout

.. Elite cruising by...

This kit is very well done.. everything fit...

Carrying an AIPTEK 1.3SD digital camera under the left wing.

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..GP Spirit 2M electric..

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