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...Kadets with external and internal cameras...

..Senior Kadet.

.The Casio Exilim 3.2M camera is on a rotating mount in the mailing tube pod on the left wing..

..Pod location..

.The camera mount lets the camera point directly to the side, or any angle down to vertical.

..The same camera on the same mount in a Seniorita!...


..Looking straight down...


..Looking to the left...

.The camera shutter is triggered by a mini-servo arm that wipes across the shutter button. It is controlled by channel 5, the gear switch on most transmitters. The rotating function is on channel 6, a variable knob. The degree of rotation is set with the ATV/EPA points for the channel. .. The servo pulls the shutter wire down to push the shutter button...Controlled by the gear switch on a 5 or greater channel transmitter..

..Inverted vee-tail camera plane..

..Vee-tail camera plane..

..A compendium of Aerial Photography information.

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