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----- Kit bashing -----

..modified kits...and an original aerobat...

Paragon with Astro 15.. camera plane

The Paragon with its original klunky kinda per plan fuselage.. Flew well as a camera plane.

Modified Goldberg Electra

Other than the tee-tail, the Vee-dihedral wing, the geared motor, the ailerons; this is a standard Electra ...note: an Electra can use ailerons as well as a fish can use a bicycle!

Goldberg Mirage and an aerobat

The Mirage is a reasonably good first power plane. Somewhat fragile but it flies well on 6 or 7 cells. The aerobat based on it has a 2412 wing, Astro 15 motor on 10 cells. Usual short flight times.

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..Inverted Vee-tail camera plane page 1..

.In-flight photography...

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