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Balsa USA Eindecker E.III


Vun day at ze Staffel platz

Modifications: all-flying vertical and horizontal. Fuselage shortened to keep the rudder in the stock position with the stabilizer split per full-scale. Pull-pull cable on vertical and horizontal.Steerable tail wheel. (not installed in photos) It just -can't- taxi with a skid.Fuselage struture altered to sticks ala Kadet, to take advantage of the translucent covering. No dihedral. Very slow manuverer, as in quite realistic for the time. 5 inch wheels. (Kit spec wheels are way too small!) Pilot is W'ms Bros 1/4 scale, gun is W'ms Bros 1/5th scale Spandau. Saito 91, 14x6 prop weighs 8 pounds with 14 ounces of ballast. Flies very well at 1/2 throttle. Dummy engine made from plastic conduit connectors. "Flying wires" fly-fishing line.

Servo control hook-up

The horizontal aerodynamic load is taken up by the bellcrank and mount, keeping the load off the servo bearing. A cable runs to the top and bottom of each side, although the horizontal halves are connected with a 1/4" thick-walled aluminum tube.

The all-flying vertical is built around a 1/4" thick-walled aluminum tube, mounted in nose-landing-gear nylon blocks.

Metal Sullivan control horns for the period look.

The hookup for the lower wing wires.. each pair at the front and rear are attached to a small brass plate which fits over a stub on the center of the landing gear wires at the center... held with a wheel collar.. stretchable fly fishing line used for the lower wires.. as the wing does flex in flight. Copper wire wrapping around the fishing line. Ordinary steel cable (.012 control line cable) used for the upper wires.


This next is the Team third place winner at the 1999 Scale Masters Finals.. Dick Skoglund builder, Dan Garrabrant flier

Yes, it is an authentic color scheme! A modern replica in England is finished this way! Another Balsa USA kit.

Mac's Eindecker

Skoglund's's first "stealth" fighter..

2 E-IIIs were covered with celluloid film in 1915... Lost in a mid-air at a Scale Masters event at Sepulveda.. crushed by a Corsair!

This one features the scale flying tail, wing warping...

Immelmann's Turn

Air-to-air "WWI combat" photos from the Eindecker....

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