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.............The e-NERD....

Couple years ago Jim Casey on Compuserve's Modelnet invented the N-ERD .. a strictly stand-way-off, turn your back and squint scale model of the J-3. When powered by an OS 15 FP or similar, it's as active a plane as the Lazy Bee.. IOW, more fun than should be legal! The exquisite OS-26 Surpass is a nifty motor for it.. e-power takes some doing!

--e-NERD and a normal NERD

e-NERD uses a Speed 600 motor, Graupner 8x4.5 folding prop, 7x800 mah cells, Kyosho BEC speed control.. flying weight 46-1/2 oz. The normal NERD weighs 42 oz.

..e-NERD innards...

Took quite a shoehorn to fit all that stuff into a 1 inch wide fuselage...

The externals, such as they are..

A Cirrus CS-51 servo on the rudder, Futaba S-133 on the elevator.. cooling holes for the battery in the windows.. the lightning bolt of course is a legally mandated insignia.. as is the overall yellow color. Failed miserably with the direct drive.. adding a gearbox and a 9x6 prop.. failed miserably..

6 months later...

Following severe disappointments with the eNERD, it sat around unflying mainly because it wasn't gonna fly with the props and stuff selected.. Then one day,, 8-12-01.. I took the equipment out of the e-Aerobat and stuffed it into the eNERD.

The biggest change was adding a Master 3:1 gear box, and an APC 12x8 eprop. The previous direct drives had failed to even taxi in a convincing manner.. hand-launches merely landed.. this power system gives a sprightly take off, good climb, lots of manuverability.

...And in the air for real....
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