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Kadets.... kits and scratch builts....

lots of Kadets

..Stuff it in!...

..Ready for the Kadet Fly-in...

Mister Mulligan..

"Mister Mulligan Kadet!

For a very complete rundown on float flying, click here!

Composited video frames for 3 passes of the Team Kadet, looking for flight speeds.. 12-27-2000. Slow speed with flaps, 14 mph fast speed 75 mph.

composite video IMAGES

How much weight can a Kadet lift?

Heavy lifter Kadet

..Details on Angelfire...

Flying a Kadet in the Flying Model Simulator

RcCad drawing for simulator

.Draw up your fancy, see it fly!..

electric Seniorita

Aeronca Champ Seniorita

Seniorita changed to Electric
Astro 15G motor, REM
OS 26, REAM, 5 servos
Kit-built Electric Seniorita

Low-Wing Kadet

Biplane Kadet

Push-Pull Kadet
Low Wing Kadet
OS 91, REAM and flaps

Biplane Kadet
OS65, REAM and flaps on lower wing
Push-Pull twin Kadet
Two OS 40FPs, 10x6 props
Taildragger info

Kadet on floats

Stock LT-40 Kadet
Tail dragger Kadet
Full-house Kadet on floats
LT-40 Kadet
Enya 53, REAM

Parasol wing Kadet

Kadet Mothership

Seniorita tail dragger
Parasol wing Kadet
Kadet Mothershiip..bottom carry
OS 91, REAM and release
Seniorita Kadet
OS 26, REAM and flaps

Twin Otter


2 Push-pulls
Twin Otter Kadet
2 x OS 40 FPs REAMB
Kadet carry
Goldberg Gentle Lady glider
Two Push-pull Kadets
Knoob's 336, PJB's Kadet

Twin engine Kadet

design study

2 vu for color scheme
Gord Schindler's Twin Kadet
Thunder Tiger 36 powered
Design study, Video camera carrier
2 pusher OS 40s

..Kadet 2-vu for color scheme layout..


Flaps and ailerons

Kadet Team Patch.jpg

Ford Trimotor Kadet
Seniorita and Senior ailerons and flaps
Kadet Team Patch
Kadet Foooooorrrrrrdddddddd!
Bob Knoob

3-channel Kadet on floats

Biplane Kadet

Cherokee Kadet
Taking advantage of El Nino!!
Rigging the Kadet Biplane, bottom wing slightly positive to the top wing
Cherokee Kadet by Dick Skoglund

Mooney Kadet

MULLIGAN at Mudd Lake, Oct. 1977

very nice Seniorita
Mooney 231 Kadet

Dick Skoglund
Honorary Kadet! 1977
Mudd Lake Nevada
Sweet Seniorita tail dragger
Larry Parkerson

Hercules Kadet

Taildragger Kadet

Aerial photo
Fat Albert's first flight
Taildragger (also the biplane, and on floats)
Air-to-Air photo

design study

Kadet twins...
Push-pull and twin pushers
Antelope Valley Kadet Team at EAFB
AV Kadet Team in the movies
Sepulveda Basin, 1995

AV Kadet Team at Camarillo, CA
AV Kadet Team at Hemet, CA
AV Kadet Team at Fox Field, CA

Control-line Kadet

how to push-pull

Cessna 336 Kadet
Kadets from around the world!!!
Push-Pull major assemblies
Cessna 336 Kadet
OS 60, Saito 50, REAM

sketch of Kadet Seaplane

1.2x Senior Kadet

Serious flaps!
AutoCad sketches.....
flying boat ideas
Len Wilson, Payson AZ.
1.2x Senior Kadet ST 2000
Extreme flaps!

2x Senior Kadet

Electric and power mix

Electric and power mix
Twice Sized Kadet
Randy Copeland's Senior
PJB's Electric vee-tailed Electra
Tail Wheel Steering

A neat Kadet page!! Lots of construction photos!

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Twin Otter, Cherokee, Mooney, C-130 courtesy Dick Skoglund. Cessna 336 push-pull courtesy Bob Knoob

Mr. Mulligan courtesy Bob Riechardt



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