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..Model Plane based aerial photography...... ..The AIPTEK mini-Pencam..

..Remote controlling requires installation of a servo..

The AIPTEK camera features a remarkable 1246x960 image size. Approximately 50 still images can be taken before the images need to be downloaded from the camera.. and.. about 2 minutes of 640x320 video.. flying weight just under 4 oz. The AIPTEK camera can be triggered directly by a servo installed in this manner, or by getting inside and doing some rewiring for a relay actuation... The ON button must be pushed and held for one second to turn the camera ON. The button then becomes the MODE switch, changing from still to video to self-timer to erase one frame to erase all frames to resolution and back to still image.. The camera turns itself OFF after one minute of non-use. Therefore to keep taking pictures take one at least every 45-50 seconds.
The servo needs at least a 3 position channel.. one to push the ON button, a center null, and the other position for taking pictures. This servo setup uses the rudder channel, generally unused on a 3-channel airplane. Full left trim AND full left rudder arms (turns ON) the camera. The trim is then set to full right, so any sloppy centering on the stick won't trigger another mode. Full right rudder pushes the shutter button.

..4 camera installations..

..Upper left is a pusher, Speed 400, geared 3:1, APC 9x7 e-prop, 7x800 cells. Camera looks forward.. but could look sideways..
Upper right..Same wing and power, camera laying down for a slimmer fuselage..
Lower left.. camera in a pill bottle for an omni-installation that can fit most planes..
Lower right.. camera looking foreward in a SIG NINJA, for images from the slope..

...A typical landscape image ...

..Using the camera in the upper right installation, flying around a semi-failed (and thereby nice to fly from) community.. looking at the Fin & Feather lake at Palmdale..
Looking off to the south east along the Los Angeles Aqueduct

..Images from the slope ..

..From afar...
..and getting close...
. frame from a video ...

..the resolution at 640x480 is still very good..

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