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...Version 2, electric photo plane.......

..various details..

..The plane uses an inverted Vee-tail..

The servo for each surface lies flat on the bottom of the wing inboard of the boom. The .055 wire pushrod runs thru the center of the 5/16" OD fiber-glass boom, and exits the end of the boom. It's bent back to pick up the horn. So far it works well.

..The CANON ELPH LT camera..

The camera is mounted (in this photo) to look downwards at 45 degrees. The shutter is actuated by a CS-11 servo attached to a nose-gear steering arm on the end (other side of the ply) of the shutter pushrod. The camera has been remounted to look down 10 degrees for a more pleasing picture composition.

..The camera plane in flight..

The plane flies quite well, better than the pusher vee-tail with the same wing.


.Sparky flying on the San Andreas Fault, just behind his home It will be a mere 1/2 mile to the beach when the fault goes... Straight down, but it will be close! Photo taken with AIPTEK megaMini-PenCam..

..Layout with the mailing tube fuselage...

.After the Electra wing collapsed in the air.. making a new airframe using an Eclipse wing.. same inverted vee-tail, motor, camera etc..

The pushrods to the surfaces are centered in the arrow-shafts with short pieces of yellow Nyrod, to keep the metal-to-metal contact at a minimum, and any whipping under compression will be controlled.. The pushrod comes out the end of the arrow and bends back towards the horn and the E-Z connector..

..Camera carriers....

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