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----- in-flight photography..-----

..With a reasonable amount of situational awareness and hand-eye coordination...

..To see what the flier sees..

A Sharp VHS-C camera on yer generic Bell bicycle helmet.. Aiming aperture just in front of the eyeball to get field of view. Holding the camera normally works.. but is fraught with peril, as the ground gets real close real fast!

Modified Goldberg Mirage

.. The long-suffering Mirage flying this time with an extended span E-HOTS wing... and yes, it's inverted.. and yes, I'm flying and photoing. The invention and use of the neck strap plays a major role here.. Pentax MX camera, Vivitar 100-300 zoom.

Raskin "ANABAT" very up close!!!

Seriously bashed SIG Senior Kadet

..Parasol Kadet..

Electrified GP Spirit sloping..

Seriously bashed SIG Senior Kadet as "Mr. Mulligan"..

.. Vee-tail camera plane ..

..Inverted Vee-tail camera plane page 1..

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