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Wacky Waco

The Global Wacky Waco has a full-sized daddy!

Full-scale Wacky Waco

seen at the Riverside CA Airshow in March, 2000

In flight shots, September 2003...


inflight shots.jpg

A pseudo USN pre-WWII paint job really sets this plane off

Construction hints on the kit:

On the fuselage, add 3/8"x1/2" x4" maple motor mounts, instead of laminating liteply. Don't plan on using the cheap plastic "cowl", it's junk. Mount the tank behind the motor on the right side. On the wing/fuselage joint at the cabane: add dowels at the front, normal screws at the rear, per these images...


I built the top wing as one piece. Added shear braces at the trailing edge sheeting.. this makes the wing rigid at this stage of construction..Installed the aluminum cabane struts, and adjusted the wing to a level attitude then drilled for the forward dowel locations from the front of the wing..The top wing sheeting is one piece from wing strut rib to wing strut rib, outer pieces added seperately.


Pull-pull hookup at the tail end is easiest to install and adjust:


Setting up the aileron neutrals: copy the lower wing upper profile including the aileron onto a hunk of balsa, and set it on the wing, with the stabilizer leveled. Adjust the lower aileron pushrod length with the servo at neutral.. move the hunk of balsa to the top wing, and set the inter-plane pushrod length


aileron gauge: plunk on the image for more detail

Aileron alingment fixture

Surprisingly for a Global kit, firstly it flies! Then it came out to the box weight. With the OS 70 APC 14x5N prop, it is nicely powered but not overpowered. ...It lost the right horizontal in flight.. .. and landed well!

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