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........Ailerons on an Electra, part 1.......

...Seemed like a good idea at the time..

..Working up the original shape..

I wanted ailerons.. as do most people.. so I built a couple of wings using Electra kit parts.. one flat wing, one vee-dihedral. Single center mounted servo, with push-pull cable in a Nyrod sleeve, aileron span equal to the outer wing span. Horns on the top.

..Flat winged version on the field work stand....

..It's handy to have something to hold the plane up about waist level. Sometimes an anti-wind rock support is needed. This is a normal Electra, direct drive.

.Flat wing flying ...

Without dihedral the plane has to be flown more. It's a bit unstable. It's also way too slow to exploit ailerons. The ailerons were removed, the tips cut off and reinstalled with dihedral.

..The Goldberg e-power pod on a Gentle Lady ...

The Goldberg pod worked reasonably well.

..Electra Ailerons part II..

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