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Built mostly per kit.. exceptions:

Wings built in three pieces for ease of transport in a small foreign car Empennage removable for transport..... Scale split flaps added. See detail drawing below

PT-19 first flight day, on the lakebed

There's several detailed photos of how-to-do-its.. click on the links.. << Previous link   More pictures link>>

The kit motor mount installation provides for all lengths of useable motors.. shorten the box to fit your motor.PT19B.jpg Receiver battery is mounted up front, this is a tail-heavy airplane.Lighter motors... Saito 91, takes about 10 ounces to balance. OS 1.08, OS 1.20 fit without ballast.All kinds of room inside.pt19l.jpg The fin post comes out with the vertical and horizontal when the tail is removed.PT19C.jpg To fit the wing into my Mazda 323.... The wing is split just outboard of the landing gear, in this manner. The outer panel is held to the inner panel in flight with safety wire around screws. pt19n.jpg Paper tubes in the wings for servo wire extensions. Robart scale oleo main mount struts well!

PT-19 Flaps

Flap details....pushrod comes from center mounted servo, with bellcranks to change actuation direction. See flap.htm for more details

... In-flight, flaps up and down..very little trim change with flaps down. PT-19 Flaps inflight

.. Wing joiner details.. the wing splits just outside the flaps..

PT-19 Flaps

Similar stuff for the Balsa USA Eindecker

Full-scale, March AFB Museum

Right side nose................Left side nose detail

PT19F..gear and flaps................... PT19G..empennage

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pt19.htm 04-04-2004.

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