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...Servo Installations....

..Numerous methods to fit servos into fuselages and wings..

..Z-bend at servo, Servos glued to fuselage..

..Servo mounting tabs trimmed for space..

..Servos mounted diagonally for space, one pull-pull..

..Servos mounted at different heights for clearance..

..External servos for vee-tail..

..Totally internal control connections..

..Flap pushrods for seperate flaps..

. 2 channel glider with seperate ailerons using one servo..

.Pull-pull rudder and nose wheel steering..

..Extended rudder servo arm..

..Wood pushrods and EZ connectors..

..Elevons and canard...

..Two Aileron servos..

..Pull-pull Rudder and Elevator..

..Pull-pull Rudder and Elevator servos..

..Rudder speed brake w/sliding tray..

..Swept rudder hinge with ball link pushrod connection..

..Figure 8 Sewn Hinges..

..2 Aileron Servos with Y-harness,

..Aileron Y-connector layoute..

..2 Elevator Servos.. with and without Y-harness...

..Differential surface motion...

..Surface motion with different pushrod positions...

..Dual rates and Exponential...

..All the world's Kadets!..

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