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..resurrected from the closet..and an old FAI Team Racer

3/4 top rear view,OS 35 motor

OS remote needle on K&B 28

Offset venturi and remote needle

Ready to be released

Control line circle at AVTI

3 fun fliers

Ready on the stooge.

Inflight from the center


Originally constructed in 1972, and flown at Sepulveda with a Johnson Stunt 32 for power. After hanging in the closet for 29 years it received an OS 35 from an r/c fun-fly. Original "profile" VECO tank still works. It was way too fast with the OS. Installed a K&B 28. With a 10x4 prop, it was still too fast. Gave my brother an OS 40 with which he worked his magic.. plugged the transfer port, and machined a venturi. With a Zinger 11x4 it is STILL way too fast! :) The original MonoKote covering and Pactra dope still holds up after all these years.

......Suddenly it's 1962!.....

...EFFIE AYE 19, my #19 in a series of 24 FAI Team racers... The original placed 2nd at the 1962 Chicago and 1963 Los Alamitos Nats... Best flight time 4:58
Oliver Tiger Mk III diesel motor, Tornado 7x8 "thin-blade" pressed wood prop, 20 oz. AUW. ..Plans published in 'American Modeler', early 1963..

Replica being built, August 2001.

..Ready to fly..

My brother's 1964 FAI Team model and the new #19

..FAT TR action at the West Coast Team Trials, Whittier Narrows, 9-21-2001

..All the world's Kadets!..

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