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.....Airtronics Eclipse and Oly II....

..............Images and notes from the past on electric powered r/c planes....

Airtronics Eclipse.....

Flying the Eclipse: Astro 05, Leisure 11x7 prop, 7 cells, switched on/off motor.

Olympic II with geared Astro 05 motor, carrying a camera

The camera was an Olympus, mounted with the servo outside the fuselage, pointed down 30 degrees for good oblique images. Some vibration in the photos when the motor is running, and also some when it's not running! Same setup flown on an E-power Paragon. Aerial photos look best when taken with a low sun angle for the shadows when looking for pretty shots.

Oly flying June, 1990

Oly on the way up

The Oly doesn't climb like an F3J rocket..

11 years later...

Astro 15 geared...7x800+3x800 cells.

..2x7x800 cells, 15x12 prop.. very nice performance..

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