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Genetically Gained Powers

The following powers can be gained through Gene-splicing and Genetic Engineering (manipulation):
Resistances: All except for magic.

Detection powers: All except for True Sight, Weakness Detection, Environmental Awareness, Energy Detection, Life Detection, Tracking.
Energy Emission Powers: Electrical Generation (think of an electric eel), Sound Generation (think of bugs, bats, dolphins, and whales)

Fighting Powers: All.

Lifeform Control Powers: Bio-Physical Control - Healing/Regeneration (via blood transfusion), Bio-Vampirism (think of the Reapers from Blade 2), Plague Carrier (think of Resident Evil).
Matter Control Powers: Bonding (think of Toad's mucus from the X-Men movie), Zombie Animation (think of Resident Evil).

Matter Creation Powers: Missile Creation (think of Spyke from X-Men: Evolution), Spray (like a spitting cobra or stink bug), Webcasting (Spiderman's webs from the movie), Lifeform Creation (think of the Cell Juniors from the Cell Saga in DBZ).

Mental Enhancement Powers: Danger Sense (Spiderman's Spider Sense), Incarnation Awareness (think of Species 2), Communicate with Plants (think of Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin), Communicate with Animals (think of Aquaman), Hyper-Intelligence (think of the Lawnmower Man), Serial Immortality (only through cloning and Parasite), Total Memory (The subject's RNA becomes an organic hard drive. Think of Rain Man and Photographic Memory)
Physical Enhancement Powers: Armor Skin(Leather or Rigid Plates only), Body Resistance, Chemical Touch(Think of the poison arrow frog), Digestive Adaptation(This is really a build up of digestive enzymes), Lung Adaptability(Think of living Sponges and certain strains of bacteria), Hyper-Strength (think of steroidal compounds), Hyper-Endurance (think of Darkman), Hyper-speed (with a limit of up to Gd(10) cheetah speed), Pheremones(think of certain species of plants), Longevity(Think of stem cell research), Regeneration(Think of lizards and certain invertabretes), Selective Adaptation (think of the Saiyans and Doomsday), Self-Sustenance(Temporary version only, think of snakes and crocodilians), Suspended Animation(Think of hibernating animals), Vocal Control(Think of certain parrots), Waterbreathing(gills or salamander-like skin), Recovery(Think of the immune system), Water Freedom(must choose which version to use at creation).

Power Control Powers: Power Combination,

Note: Adrenalin Surge is a combination of Power Flare and Berserker.

Power Vampirism (think of Cell from DBZ), Residual Absorption (extracting cell samples, DNA, or RNA), Power "Flare" (new power from DBZ, check out the stats on Saiyans for more info).

Self-Alteration Powers: Alter Ego (Hulk, Puma), Animal Mimicry, Body Adaptation, Blending(Think of Zartan from G.I.Joe), Growth - Atomic Gain (Permanent. This can be caused either by Marphan's syndrome (think of Abe Lincoln) or Acromegaly(think of Goliath from the Bible and forms of Gigantism). The limit is up to Pr(4) rank.), Self-Vegetation, Shrinking - Atomic Reduction (Permanent. Think of Progeriac children, midgets, and dwarves. A perfect example of this would be Puck after the Master Bio-Engineered him. The limit is up to Pr(4) rank.), Body Coating (mucus, poison), Animal Transformation (think of Wolfsbane or the Manimal show), Plant Mimicry, Self Duplication(think of asexual reproduction, Nameks, not Madrox the Multiple Man. I got the idea from an episode of the New Outer Limits.)

Travel Powers: Hyper-Leaping (maximum of Un(100) if the subject's body looks unchanged), Hyper-Running (up to Gd(10). Cheetah speed should be the max.), Hyper-Digging, Hyper-Swimming (up to Ex(20)), True Flight (only if subject has wings, ShX (150) should be the max.), Gliding (only if subject has membranous tissue. Think of Gargoyles.).