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The hero can generate and shot out a solid web. The web can hit any target within 100' and instantly adhere to it. The Web has some basic properties. It can ensnare anyone within the target site. It possesses Power rank Strength upon hardening 1 round after being fired. It can be used to form swing-lines that enable the hero to travel 3 areas per turn, and it makes shields of Mn(75) material strength.

Webcasting can be combined with other Powers to create unique Webs for other characters. In all these cases, the range remains the same. Other characteristics, such as the nature and Intensity of the effects, are determined by the Power that has been combined with Webcasting. Some possibilities include:Any Power in this database can be combined with Webcasting to produce unique WebPowers for each character. When creating characters, the player should follow this simple guideline: If you can figure out a way to combine externalized Powers with this one, do it. Powers that are completely internalized are exempt from this rule. This includes most of the Mental and Physical Enhancement Powers and all of the Self-Alterations and Detections. If a character is Hi-Tech, has rolled such Powers as Hyper-Invention or Weapons Tinkering, or possesses a magical device, then the Web Powers should be incorporated into a device. This can be a webshooter, reel, or any superheroic doohickey the player can invent. The hero has a finite amount of Webbing he can produce. The maximum number of times the hero can use Webcasting in a 24-hour period is equal to his Power rank number. This also applies to Technological or magical versions of this Power; the devices clog up from overuse.

Webs created by this Power evaporate 1 hour after being cast.

The Nemesis for this Power is Phasing.

Range: See Above.