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Plague Carrier

The hero can contain within his body and release at will a variety of disease-causing microorganisms (bacteria, germs, viruses). The hero is immune to any disease (otherwise he'd have died as soon as he gained this dubious Power) but he can instantly infect others at will with diseases of his choosing. Symptoms appear 1-10 turns later. Curiously, victims are not themselves contagious to others. Obviously the Power alters the genetics of the disease causing organisms and weakens them so that they can only survive within the hero and the first new body into which they are introduced. Upon the death of the victim or the end of the Power's duration, all the microbes die as well.

This Power does have a beneficial side. Because of the hero's special ability to control microbes, he can actually cure others of disease. By means of a red FEAT, the hero can draw out of the target's body every last microbe of a particular type.

Note: This only removes the cause of damage. It does not remove the effects of the disease.

Example: Black Plague has a fondness for red-haired children, and cures a copper-haired tyke of smallpox. While the child will live, he still has the pockmarks.

A character with this Power has to gain diseases, much as others would gain weapons, as he progresses. New characters begin with diseases common to everyday life, like chicken pox, mumps, influenza, and such. The character must actively seek out sources of new diseases in order to add them to his inner armory. This is done by consuming live cultures ("I don't get it! Why would anyone drink a vial of smallpox culture?") or by curing a diseased person in the manner explained earlier. This latter act will gain even the vilest villain a small flock of devoted people, all cured by him.

The hero can use his Power against single targets. Multiple targets decrease his Power rank by -1CS per additional person. Rank determines the Intensity of the infection and duration of the symptoms.

This Power can be negated or even destroyed by Biophysical Control or massive injections of anti-microbial drugs. The hero is then reduced to a normal being.

The Power's ability to infect others can be negated by normal medical means or Powers like Self-Healing, Induced Healing, True Invulnerability, and this Power itself.