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The hero can run at Power rank speed for extended amounts of time. The Power has the side-effect of raising the Ability rank number of Endurance by this Power's rank number. It includes protection to wind resistance and windburn; this protection extends to anything the hero is carrying. The hero's lungs are modified to breath high velocity air. The last benefit can be crucial if the hero is capable of Rm speeds or better.

If the hero stumbles, he continues on a ballistic trajectory until he regains his footing or rolls to a halt. To cut down on the chance of this, the Power increase the hero's reaction time to be able cope with impending problems. The increased reaction time decreases the relative speed of any other moving object. The hero's Power rank number decreases the perceived speed of the other object. For example, Quicksilver's SX speed lets him perceive a bullet traveling at 600mph as if it were traveling only 15mph. This side-effect enables the hero to dodge or even catch things like bullets and missiles.

If the Power is Duplicated or Transferred to another being, a special yellow FEAT must be made. Failure means the recipient only has the actual running ability and not the safeguards.

Optional Powers include increasing the hero's Fighting or Agility ranks by this Power's rank number.

Range: See Above.