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Incarnation Awareness

This Power is based on the idea that a spirit enters countless reincarnations throughout eternity but that the memory of each past life is usually lost somewhere in the transition from one life to another. This Power allows the hero to remember the details of his more recent lives and to actually communicate with them. Such communications include the transmission of the complete range of senses and thoughts.

There are 2 limits on communication with other lives. 1, the communication can only be initiated by the hero's current incarnation. He cannot be called by past lives nor can he call future lives. However, that doesn't prevent the hero from receiving messages from his future selves. This can be a quick way to start an adventure (more later).

2, the hero can only reach past selves at points when they are actually living. He cannot reach selves that are in an afterlife situation. In fact, the hero can't really recall ever being in any form of afterlife. The Power rank number is also the number of consecutive past lives the hero can contact. The earliest incarnation is the lifespan in which the Power first appeared; it has been growing 1 point at a time ever since. This limit spares the player the responsibility for making up a mega-biography going back to the dawn of time. It spares the Judge by limiting the potential havoc the player can wreak using his now-dead contacts. Assume a full but average lifespan for all past lives. From the 18th century on, this is 70 years. Prior to that, the average is 50. The time elapsed between incarnations is up to the player, but at least 1 incarnation per century is recommended.

Soon after the player acquires this Power, he should work out a basic timeline for and list of his past incarnations. Players are urged to make their past lives relatively normal people. Still, if the player is determined to fill up his past with glory after glory, the Judge can insist on a simple rule.

Note: there is a 1% chance that any specific historical figure was a former incarnation of the present-day hero.

The Power is used primarily to gain information. The hero can make extremely long-ranged plans that involve the assistance of past lives in solving current problems.

Example: Self-1988 asks Self-1920 to have a tunnel dug under the site of the present day Latverian Embassy. A trust fund to be set up by Self-1855 will pay for it.

Sometimes a future incarnation will request that the hero perform a special act. The reason for the act might never be explained. In this, way, the hero and his associates might suddenly find themselves thrust into extremely strange or terribly mundane situations. ("It is crucial that you make sure Jon Clifton gets to school today! Then bury 10LBS. of Adamantium at these coordinates in the Gobi Desert.")

Even the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. Any time the hero asks a past-self to perform an action that has a direct, physical effect on the present, he must make a FEAT roll. This represents the chance of long-range plans coming to fruition. Each century between the present-self and the past-self raises the Intensity FEAT +1CS.

Example: The Trust Fund set up in 1855 requires a Pr Intensity FEAT.

The tunnel requires a Fb Intensity FEAT. The player rolled a 30 and a 56.The trust fund failed somewhere along the way but the tunnel got built anyway using alternative funding.

The Optional Powers include either Time Travel limited to any past lifetime, a combination of Time Travel and Free Spirit that enables the present-self to possess the bodies of other selves, or a specialized form of Time Travel that enables the present self to draw other selves from their times to the present.

Range: None.