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The hero can cover large distances by swimming at Power rank speed. Speed is decreased -1CS for each 100' of depth at which the hero is swimming. This is due to increased water pressure. Water Freedom can negate this limitation.

The Power does not free the hero from the need to breathe.

The hero can tow other objects in his wake at a decreased speed of -1CS. This assumes the towed object has a buoyancy equal to the hero's body. If the object has a greater or lesser buoyancy, the hero's Strength determines the limit to what things can be towed. For example, Marlin has Ty Hyper-Swimming and Strength. He is trying to tow a sinking boat back to the harbor. While the boat is still floating, Marlin can swim at Pr speed (30 mph). Once the boat actually sinks, Marlin feels its full weight of 1,000LBS. Marlin is dragged to a halt, then the boat begins to pull him under.

Bonus Powers include a choice of Waterbreathing or Water Freedom. The remaining one is available as an Optional Power.

The Nemesis is Matter Animation - Liquids.

Range: See Above.