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The hero can travel on air currents. She can travel at Power rank speed, with a top limit of SX rank (Mach 1). In normal air currents, the hero drops 1 story (15') for each turn she is in the air. Level flight can be maintained by an Agility FEAT; failure indicates a loss of 2 stories. The glider can climb by using updrafts. Using an updraft to climb requires a yellow Agility FEAT for each 3 stories the hero ascends; failure means she's caught in a downdraft and descends the three stories instead.

She can carry aloft an additional mass; the limit is decided by her physical Strength. Gliding can be affected by high winds or the Powers of Weather Control and Air Animation. The wind's Intensity or the Power rank diminishes or increases the Gliding rank, depending on the direction the hero is gliding. For example, a Pr airspeed of 60 mph would be stopped by an equally fast headwind, but if the hero wants to travel in the other direction, she can be boosted to a Gd airspeed of 120 mph.

Optional Powers include Weather Control and Air Animation.

These are also the Nemeses.

Range: See Above.