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The hero has the ability to join 2 or more targets together on a molecular level. The effect is the same as if the targets were glued or welded together. In actuality, the hero has induced molecular adhesion. A submicroscopic examination would fail to reveal any foreign material (such as a glue) or disturbances in the normal arrangement of the target's structure (such as the distortion caused by welding). The Bonding is so powerful that attempting to sever its effect results in physical damage to either of the Bonded targets because the only way to forcibly separate 2 Bonded objects is to tear the surface of 1 or both of them. This causes Ty(6) wounds to a living target.

The range for Bonding is limited to Contact only. The hero need not touch the actual area to be Bonded, although the hero needs to touch the 2 targets somewhere in order to direct the Power's effect. Once the hero is touching both targets and has begun to manifest his Power, Bonding occurs at any point where the 2 targets are in contact with each other. The Bonding process takes any number of turns, depending both on the hero's Power rank and the desired material strength of the Bonding. The first turn produces a Bonding of Fb material strength. Each turn the Bonding process continues raises that material strength +1CS, up to the limit of the Power rank. At any point the hero can cease to use his Power and thus produce Bondings of varied strengths.

Example: K.Z.Glew has Gd Bonding and is testing his Power on a number of blocks. When he holds 2 together for 2 turns, he produces a Pr Bonding. Holding 2 together for 3 turns produces a Ty Bonding. Holding 2 bricks for 4 turns produces a Gd Bonding; in fact, K.Z. could concentrate on the same 2 bricks all day and not be able to exceed that Gd Bonding.

The duration of the Bonding is determined by a Power FEAT at the time the Power is used. A green FEAT creates a Bond that lasts a number of turns equal to the hero's Reason rank number times 100. A yellow FEAT increases the multipliers to 10,000 turns times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT ensures a permanent Bonding. If the Bonding is temporary, its effects end without a trace at the expiration of the time limit.

This is a Power that readily combines with many of the other listings in this book. Combining it with Webcasting produces an equivalent to Spiderman's web. Weapons Tinkering produces an equivalent to the Trapster's glue gun. Chemical Touch produces a natural adhesive coating on the hero's body. Combustion or Fire Generation produces napalm. There are more but I'll leave them to the player's imagination to devise.

The Power can only affect solids. Liquid, gaseous, ethereal, and Phasing matter are immune to this Power's effects. Once Bonded, matter cannot Phase as a means of escaping the adhesion; doing so causes Ty(6) damage as the Bonded surface is lett behind. Transition from solid to either liquid or gaseous state will work to free the Bonded matter without physical damage, although this is not an option for most people.

Bonding only occurs on the surface and does not penetrate more than 1/16th of an inch into any Bonded material. The effect this has on living targets is that only the epidermis is affected. As it does not affect liquids, the Power automatically penetrates any coating that might otherwise protect the target.

Optional Powers include Missile Creation, Spray, Webcasting, and Weapons Tinkering.

The Nemeses are Phasing, the Body Transformation Powers, and Energy Body.

Range: See Above.