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The hero can spontaneously create a directed cloud of gas, mist, or dust. The Spray has a range of up to 1 area. It has the basic properties of doing Fb(2) damage by choking off the target's fresh air and reducing visibility by -2CS for anyone within the cloud. The main purpose of Spray is combining it with other Powers, thereby producing unique Spray Powers for the hero. In all these cases, the range remains the same. Other factors, such as the nature and Intensity of effects, are determined by the Power that has been combined with Spray. Some possibilities include:Any Power in this database can be combined with this Power to create unique Sprays for each character. When creating such characters, the player should follow this simple guideline: If you can figure out a way to combine externalized Powers with this one, do it. Powers that are completely internalized are exempt from this rule. This includes most of the Mental and Physical Enhancements and all of the Self Alterations and Detections.

If a character is High Tech, has rolled such Powers as Hyper-Invention or Weapons Tinkering, or possesses a magical device, then the Spray Power should be incorporated into a device. This may be a gas gun, ring, horn, or any other piece of superheroic paraphernalia the player can imagine.

Example: The player rolls up the following: Fire Generation, Elemental Coversion, Spontaneous Combustion, Spray, and Enchantment. She is a Humanoid, an Elf to be precise. She determines she is a magical character. The first 3 Powers readily combine with Spray. The player decides that the heroine possesses a magical flute which she built herself. Besides playing normal tunes, she knows 3 special melodies that create clouds which possess each of the first 3 Powers.

The hero has a finite amount of Spray. The maximum number of Sprays the hero can create in a 24-hour period is equal to his Power rank number. This limit also applies to Technological or Magical versions of this Power; the gasgun/flute/whatever simply clogs up from repeated use.

There are 2 Nemeses for this Power. If the Power is innate to the hero, then Reflection stops it. If the Power is externalized in a device, Teleport - Others works be removing the device from the hero's possession and turning it over to the Nemesis.

Range: See Above.