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Armor Skin

This is a form of Body Armor. The hero's skin is transformed into a damage-resistant form. The Power rank number decreases the Intensity of any physical or energy attack. This decrease applies each turn for as long as the attack continues.

The Armor Skin may be permanent or temporary. The permanent form is a lasting modification to the hero's appearance and physiology. The temporary form allows the hero to retain his normal human appearance and identity. When the need arises, the hero can manifest his Power and transform himself into his armored self. The advantage of the permanent form is that hero is always protected. The disadvantage is that the hero may be a physical freak. The advantage to the temporary from is that the hero can live a relatively normal life when he is not performing heroic deeds. The disadvantages are twofold. 1, the hero lacks his protective skin most of the time and 2, the temporary form is only available at a cost of -2CS to the Power rank.

The armor skin can take a variety of appearances. There are 4 main types of Armor Skin. Each has its own set of characteristics. The player must roll 1 form when he first generates this Power.
Leather: The epidermis retains its normal shape and flexibility but is harder to the touch. The skin maintains its normal bodily functions without the need for extensive changes. Androids are often given this type of Armor Skin.

Rigid Plates: The body is covered in interlinked plates like an insect's chitin or an armadillo's shell. The wrestler known as the Armadillo is an example of this type of Armor Skin.

Visually Inorganic: The body can be any shape but has the appearance of nonorganic matter. The layering may appear rocky, metallic, or any other choice of surface. The Thing's orange rock-like exterior is an example of this.

Inorganic: The body actually is covered in inorganic material. Unlike an externally applied coating, this one is formed by modified cells in the hero's epidermis.
In all of these forms, any damage that is suffered is healed at normal rates by the skin cells that underlie and support the specialized cells of the Armor Skin.

An Optional Power is Regeneration.