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Body Coating

The hero can surround himself with a flexible layer of a protective substance not normally found on his body. The body coat provides protection and allows the hero's Power(s) to manifest (i.e., if the body coat is not present, the hero cannot use his other Powers). Damage to the body coating is not carried over to the hero's own Health; no points are lost even when the coating is completely destroyed. Any damage to the coating can be quickly repaired by the hero's body secreting more of the coating material. The degree of protection and the speed of repair to the coating are determined by the Power rank.

The coating can be of any one substance. When creating the hero, the player must determine the nature of the Body Coating material. Common examples include ice, iron, steel, copper, rock, wood, and insulation. Each material has its own characteristics.

If the player rolls this Power more than once when creating the hero, the player may opt for a variety of coatings or increase the rank of the 1st coating by +1CS, cumulative.

When coated, the hero is vulnerable to attacks against that specific material, like flame against wood, electricity against metal, or sudden thermal change against rock. Variables include the material strength of the coating, its normal duration, the speed of creation, the rate of replenishment, and the effects on the body.

The Body Coating Power gives the hero an added vulnerability to relevant Matter Control Powers. When the coating has reached its duration limit or is no longer needed, it simply flakes off the hero's body and quickly disperses as dust or vapor.

If an opponent has the ability to negate the coating's flexibility (through Matter Control, Power Control, or Magic), the hero is paralyzed until he can remove the coating or until it reaches its duration.

Range: None.