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Danger Sense

This is also called Combat Sense and Spider-sense. It is a combination of automatically functioning Psionic Powers (Telepathy, Empathy, and Precognition) that warns the hero about impending danger. The advance warning time is the number of seconds equal to the Power rank number (rounded up to the nearest turn if need be). For example, Spider-Man's Am(50) rank can warn him of danger almost a minute in advance.

In a combat situation, the Power can be used to replace other, lower ranked Abilities. It can replace Intuition for determining surprise, Fighting for blocking, Agility for dodging, and Strength for escaping.

The minimum level for this Power must be equal to the hero's Intuition. If it's initially lower, the player can raise it to this level. The player can also raise its rank +1CS by choosing to make it a voluntary rather than an automatic Power. That is, it only functions if the hero is making it function. Spiderman's version functions at all times, but your hero might decide the risk of being caught off-guard is worth the reward of the higher rank.

The nature of the Power reduces the hero's resistance to Emotional attacks -1CS.

The Nemesis is Emotion Control.

Range: Column A.