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Communicate with Plants

The hero can speak with plants. Anything that has a vegetable physiology can be affected by this Power, such as grass, trees, and the Man-Thing.

When using the Power, the hero imparts some of his intelligence and Psyche to the plant to facilitate communication. The greater the complexity of the plant, the easier it is to communicate with. A green FEAT communicates with trees and local ecosystems; in the latter, all the plants speak as if a chorus that only the hero can hear. A yellow FEAT communicates with shrubs, vines, and bushes. A red FEAT communicates with simple plants and fungi; if the hero has Hyper-hearing, it can be combined with this Power to permit communication with plankton and bacteria. Combining the Power with Sensory Link enables the hero to share the experiences of plants, even those on alien worlds if the latter Power's rank is high enough.

A problem can develop if the hero begins to identify too closely with plants. He might find salads offensive. Worse, he may begin to suffer anguish when plants are harmed in his presence.

Optional Powers include Communication with Animals, Communication with Non-living Matter, Plant Control, and Plant Growth.

The Nemesis is Neural Manipulation.

Range: Column A.