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The hero can travel swiftly through the earth by burrowing a tunnel at Power rank speed (land movement rate). The Power can be used indefinitely as Hyper-digging has the side-effect of increasing the hero's Strength and Endurance. Both abilities' ranks are raised by this Power's rank number. Burrowing remains the hero's preferred mode of transportation, when compared to running or especially to inconceivable activities like flying.

Normally the tunnel the hero makes collapses within 10 turns of the hero's passage at a specific spot. The exception is the tunnel within 10' of the hero's current location. This allows the hero to occasionally stop. A tunnel never collapses on the hero, unless a higher Intensity force is applied. Examples include explosives, Vibration, and Matter Animation. If the hero wants to build a relatively permanent tunnel, his movement rate is cut in half as he takes the time to make reinforced walls.

The hero may burrow through materials with lower Material Strength than his Power rank. Materials with equal or greater Material Strength are obstacles to be detoured around. If the hero also possesses Hyper-Strength, Armor Skin, Body Resistance, or True Invulnerability, he can add such Powers' rank numbers to this Power's rank number. This might permit the hero to burrow through harder materials, like granite intrusions or bank vaults, at half speed. When creating the hero, the player must choose a Bonus Power of either Natural Weaponry (Claws) or Body Resistance. The rank of either is at least equal to this Power's rank.

Optional Powers include Hyper-Strength, Hyper-Endurance, Armor Skin, or Body Resistance.

The Nemesis is Matter Animation.

Range: See Above.