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The hero can rapidly recover from any wound. Cuts quickly close and disease symptoms disappear. The hero heals at an accelerated rate equal to the Power rank number times the normal amount of time. For example, a Ty(6) rank can heal 6 times as fast as normal, an Un(100) rank heals at a hundredfold rate, and so on. With time, the hero can regrow large areas of lost tissue, especially severed limbs. Lost limbs or organs require a red FEAT. It cannot repair losses that resulted in the hero's death unless the hero is revived. If such a fatal loss and subsequent revival occurs, the hero requires life-support equipment to give his Power time to function.

Note: At Un rank or higher, Regeneration acts like Self-Revival.

Regeneration also slows down the aging process. For example, a Rm(30) rank means that for every 30 years the hero ages 1 year.

Range: None.