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Lifeform Creation

The hero can create living matter and even complete bio-organisms from virtually nothing. The new life can be of any nature, although it can only possess Powers that are intrinsic to its physical structure. The size of the new lifeform is limited by its weight. The hero can create in a single turn a maximum number of ounces equal to his Power rank number. Since the lifeform cannot be assembled in several pieces, but rather must be done all at once, this limits how large the creation is. It can grow, though, if it has the time. The lifespan of this new creation is determined at its genesis. A green FEAT gives it a lifespan of 100 turns times the hero's Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10,000 times the number. On a red FEAT, the lifeform is permanent.

Each ounce of created life costs the hero 1 Health point. All points lost in this way are automatically regained after 24 hours. In a single day, the hero can only create lifeforms whose total weight does not exceed his Health.

The hero must have detailed knowledge of any organism he wants to create. He can only store a limited number of organic designs within his memory. The total number of memory slots available for this Power is equal to his Reason rank number. The player must keep a record of the organisms he can create. The list can be changes at any time. A green Reason FEAT gains the hero a new design. If there are no available memory slots, an old design is discarded to make room for the new one.

Normally the Power is used to create facsimiles of existing organisms. The hero must make a detailed study of the original for at least 1 hour before attempting a FEAT to memorize it. A failure means the hero must study the organism for another hour before attempting another FEAT. With sufficiently bad luck, the hero may never be able to memorize certain lifeforms.

Note: This Power includes a mixture of Detection Powers that permit the hero to study a lifeform down to its atomic level without having to do anything harmful to that lifeform (like dissect it).

The hero can create new lifeforms based solely on his imagination and basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This requires an active imagination, intense concentration, and a red FEAT to memorize a viable design.

The newly born lifeform has the same characteristics as a normally born lifeform of its type. In the case of altered or imaginary creations, the player and Judge should agree on a reasonable set of statistics for the being in question. This Power also includes versions of Elemental and Molecular Creation. This can be used to create raw biological materials or foodstuffs; examples include sugar, blood, protoplasm, and so on. Each material takes up a memory slot. The hero can materialize his creation at any site within one area. The new life is initially stationary but can immediately begin to move under its own power. Like the rest of the Matter Creation Powers, this Power is stopped by the first barrier between the hero and the site of his intended target. So, no, people you can't have your hero inject nasty germs directly into his opponent.

As stated before, this Power can create living replicas of actual beings. The minds of such beings are not as complex as the original, and lack most of the original's memories and all Powers that are not strictly Physical in nature. For game purposes, new life has the following statistics:
Fighting: -1CS of the original Agility: -1CS of the original
Strength: same as original Endurance: same as original
Reason: Pr(4) Intuition: Pr(4) Psyche: same as original
Health: same as original Karma: 0 Resources: 0
Popularity: same as original
Powers: Only physical Powers are duplicated.
Talents: None.
Contacts: None. Unless the original's Contacts seeks out the duplicate.
New life can learn, if it lives long enough. It can even raise its abilities and gain simulations of other Powers the original possesses. The Judge should set his own standards, based on what type of beastie the hero has come up with.

Here comes the exception to all that's been written here so far. When creating the hero, the player can opt to specialize in creating 1 unique being, like a Pegasus or a She-Hulk of the hero's very own. (No more trouble getting dates for this guy…) In that case, the weight limit is raised from 1 ounce per Health point to 1LBS. per Health point. Red FEATs are treated as yellow FEATs, thus the hero is required to periodically recreate his chosen companion. Such a continually created being retains its memory from creation to creation and can learn and develop just like any normal lifeform. Any damage suffered by this being disappears when it is summoned anew. If slain, the being immediately disintegrates and its statistics (when it is summoned again) drop to their original levels. The hero should also incur a hefty Karma loss if he was directly responsible for his companion's death.

If the hero possesses other Powers, the player can assign them to whatever lifeforms the hero can summon. This is an interesting possibility for creating unique characters, especially if Specialization is chosen.

Optional Powers include forms of Telepathy, Mind Control, Animal Control, and Plant Control, all limited to lifeforms created by the hero. These same Powers are also the Nemeses.

Range: Column A.