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Normally a character's Intelligence is determined in the Character Generation Process. However, the research for this database showed that extreme levels of Intelligence can be a Power in its own right. Examples include The Leader and the late Soviet scientist known only as Gargoyle. The hyper-intelligent character is a genius of awesome potential. He can quickly master new subjects, retain that knowledge indefinitely, and easily succeed in any mental endeavor.

There are 2 ways the Power can be incorporated into a character. The player should choose 1 when he first creates the character (a coin toss will do).

The first method is a permanent modification of the hero's Intelligence. The Power rank number is added to the hero's previously generated Reason or Intuition rank number. The total is the hero's actual Hyper-Intelligence. For example, a character like the Leader started off with Gd(10) Reason. The gamma rays added In(40) Hyper-Intelligence for a final total of Am(50) Reason rank.

The second method uses Hyper-Intelligence the same way most other Powers are used---intermittently. Just as Siryn doesn't scream all the time, so too would a Hyper-intelligent character have normal intelligence most of the time. When he uses his Power, he transforms himself into a mental giant. The way it operates is the character's normal rank for either Reason or Intuition is raised the number of levels equal to the Power rank (Fb is +1CS, Pr +2CS, and so on). The total is the actual Hyper-Intelligence rank the character can achieve using this Power. The hero can retain this higher rank for a limited amount of time; the duration is the number of minutes equal to the original Ability's rank number. This is for the first time each day the hero uses the Power. Each successive time the hero uses his Power within the same day decreases the duration -1CS.

Example: Steve is creating an awesomely wise alien named Shepherd. Shepherd has a normal In(40) Intuition rank. His Power rank is Ex(20). This raises the Intuition rank by +5CS to a potential SY rank. Shepherd can retain this enhanced state for an Ex duration of 40 minutes before he reverts to normal. Summoning his Power a second time, he returns to SY Intuition for a Rm(30) duration of only 30 minutes. He can summon his Power 5 more times after that, then he has to rest.

When creating the character, the player can increase the Power rank +1CS by specializing in a specific fields. After all, comics are filled with characters who are titans in the lab but failures in other fields. Possible fields include Professional and other Talents, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Animal Training.

Optional Powers include Hyper-Invention and Total Memory.

The Nemesis is Mind Drain.

Range: None.