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True Flight

The hero can fly through air and space without an apparent means of propulsion. This is the most desired Power in the history of the world. The Power rank determines the maximum speed the hero can attain in a specific condition. There are 3 mediums in which a hero can fly. The slowest form of Flight occurs when the hero torpedoes through the water at the Water Movement rate. Faster speed occurs when the hero flies through the air at the Air Movement rate. The fastest flight occurs when the hero is free of any hindering atmospheric friction; this is the Space Movement rate. Acceleration occurs at a rate of +1CS per turn. Deceleration occurs at -2CS per turn.

The hero's maneuverability is determined by his Agility. The hero may be able to surpass light speed but if he has Fb Agility he is going to need a wide turning radius.

True Flight includes as a side effect Power rank resistance to atmospheric friction and lungs adapted to breathe high velocity wind. It does not include the ability to breathe water or survive the rigors of outer space.

When creating the hero, the player can define the Power in any way that is consistent with the character or his equipment.

Optional Powers include Body Resistance, Armor Skin, Self-Sustenance, and Telekinesis.

The Nemesis is Gravity Manipulation.

Range: See Above.