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Total Memory

The hero has the ability to remember anything that he has ever experienced. This could be a book he's read, the faces of everyone he saw on Tuesday, what birth was like, and so on. The accuracy of his recall is his Power rank number treated as a percentage. Fb(2) is 2%, Ex(20) is 20%, and so on to automatic accuracy at Un(100) rank or above.

The color FEAT reflects the nature of the memory being sought. Green FEATs involve personal memories. Yellow FEATs involve learning experiences. Red FEATs involve unconsciously gained information, such as the faces of everyone the hero saw on Tuesday.

The Power is the perfect complement for Hyper-Intelligence by providing a built-in library. It can be used to simulate that Power, Hyper-Invention, or Weapons Tinkering, provided the hero once read texts that explained how to do things that come naturally to those with the other Powers. ("Well, I read Reed Richard's notes on constructing dimensional gateways, so if I just follow his plans we should be in the Negative Zone by next Monday night.")

When playing a character with Total Memory, assume he is a voracious consumer of all media. It is to his advantage, after all. Such characters are also fond of quoting obscure texts or unconsciously reciting encyclopedia entries. The Power doesn't really alter either Intuition or Reason, thus these can be used as a guide for what the hero has probably read in the past. When the hero claims to have read a special text, the player is required to make a Reason FEAT to prove he has read something along the desired liner.

Flashback is a real danger. If the hero was ever a victim of a mental attack, there is a chance the memory will accidentally resurface at a later time and the effect returns anew. Such flashbacks occur when the hero is somehow reminded of the original incident. The hero must make a green Psyche FEAT to avoid reliving the full effects of that other Power.

Example: Photomemry was under Ringmaster's Hypnotic Control for 2 days back in 1978. Today he saw a news report on Ringmaster's parole hearing. Suddenly the compulsion to rob jewelry stores returned.

Optional Powers include Hyper-Invention, Hyper-Intelligence, and Weapons Tinkering.

The Nemesis is Mind Drain.

Range: None.