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Water Freedom

The hero's body is adapted for movement in the water. The hero can move through water with the same ease that normal beings can move through air. 1 method of accomplishing this is the presence of a bodycoating that reduces the effects of water resistance. The more common method is the hero is extraordinarily strong and swift in order to compensate for water resistance. This permits him to function normally, even at great depths. If such a person were on the surface, his extra strength and speed would be evident (+2CS Strength and Endurance). Unfortunately, since the hero is normally moving in water, he overcompensates on dry land (-2CS Agility).

Water Freedom also negates the effects of great pressure and allows the hero to travel to the depths of the oceans without harm.

Note: This power does not automatically include Water-Breathing. The player can choose that as a bonus power if he so wishes.

Range: None.