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The character is a super-carnivore able to increase his Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and Power ranks by consuming living biological materials. The most common examples of Bio-Vampires are the traditional bloodsuckers like Dracula. Although all the traditional vampires were destroyed on Earth in the Marvel Universe, this does not prevent the player or Judge from creating a new race of BioVampires able to withstand the spells that finally destroyed Dracula. As a new type of Bio-Vampire, your character need not follow the traditional abilities and limitations associated with the old Vampires. It's a new world and a new Vampire.

Bio-Vampires have a Bonus Power of Mind Control(Puppetry) that renders their victims unable to physically struggle against the Bio-Vampire. However, the victim's Psyche remains uncontrolled; the victim continues to try to resist the Bio-Vampire's attack.

The Bio-Vampire must make a Power FEAT to initiate the attack. The victim's Psyche determines the difficulty of the FEAT. The first successful FEAT means the victim is immobilized and the BioVampire can begin to feed. Each successful FEAT enables the Bio-Vampire to drain Health points from the victim. The amount drained is equal to the Power rank number. This is converted into energy that is divided equally among the ranks for Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any Powers the vampire has except this one. No Vampiric Power can ever increase its own rank.

The Bio-Vampire must make a FEAT each turn he continues to feed. He can voluntarily stop feeding at any point by making a Psyche FEAT roll of any color except red. A red FEAT means the Bio-Vampire's hunger is beyond his control. He has entered a feeding frenzy that only stops when the victim is drained or the Bio-Vampire has been repulsed. If the Bio-Vampire fails a FEAT at any time in the feeding process, he is immediately repulsed from the victim and can never resume that attack. That victim gains instant immunity to any future vampiric attack by that particular Bio-Vampire.

Why do Bio-Vampires do it? Because they lose energy at an accelerated rate. Their rank numbers for Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any Powers except Bio-Vampirism drop 1 point per hour. The Bio-Vampire must feed in order to maintain his life.

Even if the Bio-Vampire is deprived of victims, he never actually starves to death. When all his affected ranks drop to Shift 0, the Bio-Vampire drops into a deathlike trance. His vampirism continues to function, although he can no longer actively seek out new biomaterials to consume. If such are made available to the body, the Power will immediately begin to return the Bio-Vampire to life.

When the player creates the BioVampire, he must choose and play a weakness. The Bio-Vampire's Power rank can be increased +1CS for each additional weakness the Bio-Vampire possesses, up to a maximum of 4 weaknesses in all.

Bio-Vampirism is communicable. A sentient victim who was,completely drained as a result of a feeding frenzy must make a Psyche FEAT roll. A red result means the victim has arisen as a new, Fb-ranked Bio-Vampire.

Note: Traditional vampires like Dracula are not the only type of bio-vampires.