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Missile Creation

The hero can spontaneously create and launch projectiles. These are propelled to Power rank range. Missiles that simply slam into a target act as Stunning Missiles and inflict Stunning attacks of Power rank Intensity. If the hero has other Powers, these are combined with this Power to produce missiles with specific effects.

Any Power in this database can be combined with this Power to create unique missiles for your character. When creating the character, the player should follow this guideline: If there is a way to combine external Powers with this Power, do it. Powers that are completely internal in their effects are exempted from this. This includes most of the Mental and Physical Enhancements and all of the Self Alterations and Detection Powers.

If the character is High Tech, has rolled such Powers as Hyper-Invention or Weapons Tinkering, or possesses a magical device, then the Missile Powers should be combined into a device possessed by the hero. This may be an exotic gun, a wand, or any other bit of superheroic paraphernalia the player can imagine.

The hero has a finite ammo supply, even if he creates the missiles as he goes. The maximum number of Missiles the hero can create per hour is equal to the Power rank number. This prevents the cliché found in bad Westerns, whereby a lone cowboy holds off the entire Apache nation with a single 6-shooter. This limit also applies to Technological versions of this Power, in that the gun/wand/whatever simply overheats from repeated use.

There are 2 Nemeses for this Power. If the Power is innate to the hero, Reflection stops it. If the Power is externalized in a weapon, Teleport - Others works by removing the weapon from the hero's possession and giving it to the opponent.

Range: Column A.