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Power Vampirism

The Power Vampire can drain the raw Power from a victim and convert that energy into extra Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and ranks for other Powers the Vampire has.

The Power Vampire can force a nonliving, non-sentient target to release all its raw Power. He must make an Intensity FEAT equal to the highest ranked Power the target possesses. A drained item reverts to its original state.

Living or sentient beings are harder to drain. The victim's Psyche determines what Intensity FEAT is required. A successful FEAT enables the Vampire to drain Power from the victim. The amount of raw Power equal to this Power's rank number is drawn in equal portions from all the victim's Powers. The process of feeding can continue indefinitely, as long as the vampire makes successful FEATs. Each turn drains another rank's worth of Power.

The Vampire can voluntarily cease feeding at any time by making a Psyche FEAT of any color except red. A red FEAT means the hero has entered an uncontrollable feeding frenzy that can only stop when the victim is drained or the Vampire is repulsed.

If the Vampire fails to make a FEAT at any point in the feeding process, he is immediately repulsed from the victim and can never resume the attack. The victim gains an instant immunity to any future Vampiric attacks by that being.

The Power the Vampire absorbs is used to increase his own Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and Powers. The increase in equal amounts to all the adjustable Abilities. The exception is this Power, as no Vampire can increase his own Vampiric Power.

Power Vampires lose energy at a depressing rate. The rank numbers for Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and all Powers except this one decrease 1 point per hour. The Power Vampire must feed to survive.

A Power Vampire cannot actually starve to death if denied a sufficient supply of victims. When all his affected Abilities reach Shift-0, the Vampire falls into a coma. His Power Vampirism continues to function and tries to drain anyone who comes within a 1' of the body. When the Power Vampire's abilities return to Fb(2) rank, the Vampire returns to life.

When creating a Power Vampire, the player must choose a Weakness. The player can raise his Power rank +1CS for each additional Weaknesses he chooses, up to a total of 4 Weaknesses.

Power Vampirism is communicable. A living or sentient being who was completely drained by a Power Vampire must make a Psyche FEAT roll. A red FEAT means the victim has himself been transformed into a Fb(2) Power Vampire.

The Nemesis is a Psyche temporarily raised 2CS higher than the vampire's rank.

Range: Range A. See Above.