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Eagleheart - Dreamtherapy 3.5/5 Eagleheart Review - CREAG
Eagleheart - Moment of life 3.5/5 Eagleheart Review - CREAG
Earendil - At the gates of solstice 3/5 Earendil Review - CLINT
Earendil - De la gloria al poder 3/5 - CLINT
Early Man - Death potion 3.5/5 (total old-school Metallica worship with catchy riffs, similar to Taking Dawn and countless other imitators; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Early Man - Closing in 3/5 - MICHAEL
Earthcry - Where the road leads 4/5 (fantastic Italian progressive power metal debut with popular guest vocalists; think Labyrinth, Secret Sphere, Vision Divine, No Gravity and DGM) - CLINT
Earthen Grave - s/t 3.5/5 (rockin’ twin-guitar doom debut from the Windy City a la Trouble/Pentagram, with electric violin flourishes) - KIT
Easy Rider - Animal 3/5 - MICHAEL
Easy Rider - Regeneration 3/5 - MICHAEL
Easy Rider - Evilution 3/5 - MICHAEL
Easy Rider - Lord of the storm 3/5 - MICHAEL
Easy Rider - Perfecta creacion 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ebony Ark - When the city is quiet 3.5/5 (2nd CD of female fronted progressive power metal with crunch; strong stuff, but isn't quite up to the level of their debut) - CLINT
Ebony Ark - Decoder 4/5 Ebony Ark Review - CLINT
Echo of Dalriada - Jegbonto 5/5 Echo of Dalriada Review - CLINT
Echo of Dalriada - Fergeteg 3/5 - CLINT
Echoes of Eternity - As shadows burn 3.5/5 (2nd CD from this female fronted progressive power metal band; contains many solid songs and a few extra-catchy highlights) - CLINT
Echoes of Eternity - The forgotten goddess 3.5/5 (female fronted progressive power metal debut with a dash of the dark side and a vocal similarity to Leaves' Eyes) - CLINT
Echoterra - Land of the midnight sun 3/5 (2nd CD of female fronted symphonic metal, and while it won’t stun fans of the genre, it improves in all areas over the debut) - CLINT
Echoterra - The law of one 2/5 (symphonic metal debut with the vocalist of Dying Daylight and members of Pyramaze/Avian; has an annoying and inexcusable production) - CLINT
Eclipse Prophecy - Days of judgement 3.5/5 Eclipse Prophecy Review - CLINT
Ecliptica - Impetus 2.5/5 (melodic power metal debut with a progressive edge, and both female and clear male vocals; reminds me of Rizon in spots, but it's a bit plain) - CLINT
Ecliptyka - A tale of decadence 3.5/5 Ecliptyka Review - CLINT
Edenbridge - The bonding 4/5 (fantastic 8th CD of female fronted melodic/symphonic/power metal with crisp songwriting; my favorite since ‘Shine’, and Sabine sounds wonderful) - CLINT
Edenbridge - Solitaire 3.5/5 (popular female fronted symphonic power metal band provides another quality CD, and it's a bit better than their previous 'Myearthdream') - CLINT
Edenbridge - Myearthdream 3/5 (female fronted band's 6th CD that has powerful orchestration, but the songwriting isn't at the level of their previous 2 CDs) - CLINT
Edenbridge - Myearthdream 3/5 Edenbridge Review - SEAN
Edenbridge - The grand design 3.5/5 (5th CD with a polished production and sweet vocals, but 'Shine' is their catchiest/best CD to date in my mind) - CLINT
Edenbridge - The grand design 4/5 Edenbridge Review - MICHAEL
Edenbridge - Shine 4/5 Edenbridge Review - CLINT
Edenbridge - Aphelion 3/5 - CLINT
Edenbridge - Arcana 3/5 - CLINT
Edenbridge - Sunrise in Eden 3/5 - CLINT
Edenfall - Forever fallen 3/5 (gothic/doom metal debut with “beauty and the beast” vocals a la Draconian, Symphonian, Amederia, Edenian, etc.; perhaps too slow/dark though) - CLINT
Edenian - Winter shades 3.5/5 (debut of heavy, epic, dramatic “beauty and beast” gothic doom metal like Draconian, but with slightly flat female vocals) - CHRIS
Eden’s Curse - Symphony of sin 4.5/5 Eden’s Curse Review - MICHAEL
Eden's Curse - Trinity 3.5/5 (first-rate classic melodic metal for the Dokken, Pink Cream 69, Axel Rudi Pell and old Queensryche crowd; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Eden's Curse - The second coming 4/5 Eden's Curse Review - KIT
Eden's Curse - s/t (hopefully coming soon)
Eden's Fall - Harmony of lies 3.5/5 (strong American power-thrash debut reminding me of Death Angel, Juggernaut, Metallica and Nevermore) - KIT
Edge of Attack - s/t 4.5/5 Edge of Attack Review - KIT
Edge of Thorns - Masquerading of the wicked 4/5 Edge of Thorns Review - CLINT
Edge of Thorns - Ravenland 4/5 - CLINT
Edgend - A new identity 3.5/5 Edgend Review - CLINT
Edguy - Age of the joker 3.5/5 (German band is back with a CD mixing power metal and hard rock, and just like their previous few, has average and excellent songs) - CLINT
Edguy - Tinnitus sanctus 3.5/5 (even though there's little power metal present, this is a very enjoyable CD from this long-running German band) - CLINT
Edguy - Tinnitus sanctus 3.5/5 Edguy Review - SEAN
Edguy - Rocket ride 3.5/5 (some great songs exist on this CD, but I have mixed feeling about the change of music style) - CLINT
Edguy - Rocket ride 3/5 Edguy Review - DAVID
Edguy - Rocket ride 4/5 Edguy Review - MICHAEL
Edguy - Hellfire club 3.5/5 (well done 6th CD with a nice song variety, should easily satisfy fans of their previous CDs) - CLINT
Edguy - Mandrake 4/5 (though not quite at the level of the previous 'Theater of salvation', this is a worthy follow-up) - CLINT
Edguy - Mandrake 4/5 Edguy Review - DAVID
Edguy - Theater of salvation 4.5/5 (magnificant CD from this German power metal band) - CLINT
Edguy - Theater of salvation 5/5 Edguy Review - DAVID
Edguy - Vain glory opera 3.5/5 - CLINT
Edguy - Kingdom of madness 3/5 - CLINT
Edguy - The savage poetry 3.5/5 - CLINT
Eeriness - Paths 2.5/5 (2nd CD of "beauty and the beast" symphonic/gothic metal a la Odes of Ecstasy, Via Mistica and Myriads; awful "beast" vocals though) - CLINT
Eeriness - A life beyond the shades of time 3/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - The parallel otherworld 3.5/5 (very good 7th CD from this Canadian power metal band; better than all previous CDs, for sure) - CLINT
Eidolon - Apostles of defiance 2.5/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - Coma nation 2/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - Hallowed apparition 2.5/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - Nightmare world 3/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - Seven spirits 2.5/5 - CLINT
Eidolon - Zero hour 2.5/5 - CLINT
Eihwaz - Amadeus 4.5/5 (sensational neo-classical/symphonic power metal debut with operatic female vocals; think Amberian Dawn, Operatika, Kapel Maister and early Nightwish) - CLINT
Eilera - Darker chapter... and stars 4/5 (3rd CD similar to the previous ‘Fusion’ but heavier, crunchier and more mature, with amazingly expressive female vocals) - CHRIS
Eilera - Fusion 3.5/5 (heavy, catchy, energetic gothic rock/metal with prominent folksy violin and strong, expressive, slightly jazzy female vocals; their 2nd CD) - CHRIS
Eilera - Facettes 3/5 (debut CD of light, atmospheric trip-hop gothic rock with slightly experimental but often beautiful female vocals) - CHRIS
Einherjer - Norron (hopefully coming soon)
Einherjer - Blot 3/5 - MICHAEL
Einherjer - Norwegian native art 3/5 - MICHAEL
Einherjer - Odin owns ye all 3/5 - MICHAEL
Einherjer - Dragons of the north 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Ekzistencia - The storm master 3.5/5 Ekzistencia Review - CLINT
El Cuervo de Poe - Ex libris 3.5/5 El Cuervo de Poe Review - CHRIS
El Cuervo de Poe - Vox corvus la voz del cuervo (hopefully coming soon)
Eldritch - Gaia’s legacy (hopefully coming soon)
Eldritch - Blackenday 3.5/5 (Italian vets skillfully blend dark crunchy thrash with melodic and progressive elements; quality CD in line with 'Neighbourhell') - KIT
Eldritch - Neighbourhell 3.5/5 Eldritch Review - KIT
Eldritch - Portrait of the abyss within 3/5 - KIT
Eldritch - Reverse (hopefully coming soon)
Eldritch - El nino 2.5/5 (quirky Italian progressive power metal with killer vocals and spacey keyboard textures) - KIT
Eldritch - Headquake 2.5/5 - KIT
Eldritch - Seeds of rage 3/5 - KIT
Elegacy - Impressions 4/5 Elegacy Review - CLINT
Elegy - Principles of pain 3.5/5 (final CD from this progressive power metal band; very catchy and certainly their best CD to date) - CLINT
Elegy - Forbidden fruit 2.5/5 - CLINT
Elegy - Manifistation of fear 3/5 - CLINT
Elegy - State of mind 3/5 - CLINT
Elegy - Lost 2.5/5 - CLINT
Elegy - Supremacy 2.5/5 - CLINT
Elegy - Labyrinth of dreams 2.5/5 - CLINT
Elegy of Madness - The bridge of sighs 2.5/5 (debut of pleasant though sometimes tedious lightly progressive gothic metal with expressive but occasionally quirky female vocals) - CHRIS
Elements - Northern echoes 4/5 Elements Review - CLINT
Elendira - Innocent age 4.5/5 (wonderful Japanese-language melodic/symphonic power metal debut with a nice balance of tempo, and both female and clean male vocals) - CLINT
Elevare - World... desert? 4/5 Elevare Review - CLINT
Eli - Darkness will fall 3/5 (female fronted symphonic/gothic metal debut with splendid vocals but average music; perhaps for those who enjoy Tarja's 'My winter storm') - CLINT
Elimination - The blood of titans (hopefully coming soon)
Elimination - Destroyed by creation 2.5/5 (decent modern thrash debut, but there aren't enough strong riffs and the vocals are weak) - CREAG
Eliminator - Krieg thrash 3/5 (monotonous one-dimensional German thrash debut with a dirty production; in the vein of early Kreator/Sodom/Bathory) - KIT
Elis - Catharsis 4.5/5 (consistently excellent 4th CD from this female fronted gothic/power metal band, with a few "beast" vocals; definitely their best to date) - CLINT
Elis - Catharsis 4.5/5 Elis Review - CHRIS
Elis - Griefshire 3.5/5 (3rd CD and last with vocalist Sabine Dunser; very solid effort, but is missing a few of those exceptional highlights) - CLINT
Elis - Dark clouds in a perfect sky 3.5/5 Elis Review - CLINT
Elis - God's silence, Devil's temptation 4/5 - CLINT
Elliott’s Keep - Sine qua non (hopefully coming soon)
Elliott's Keep - In medias res 2.5/5 (doom/death metal debut from Texas with lengthy, plodding songs, cool riffs, and a clean/harsh vocal split) - KIT
Elm Street - Barbed wire metal 3/5 (debut from Aussie thrashers who emulate Mortal Sin or Dungeon, and channel the screams of Annihilator and Powermad) - MICHAEL
Elmsfire - Thieves of the sun 4/5 Elmsfire Review - SEAN
Elnordia - Insight 3.5/5 (intense "beauty and the beast" styled symphonic/gothic metal debut similar to To Elysium and maybe Penumbra, but with a hint of Draconian) - CLINT
Eltharia - Legend of a forgotten world 1.5/5 Eltharia Review - CLINT
Eluveitie - Helvetios 2.5/5 (exhausting 17-track 5th CD where worthwhile organic folk melodies are wasted on increasingly generic Gothenburg-derived songs) - CREAG
Eluveitie - Everything remains as it never was 3/5 (4th CD that's a return to over-familiar territory after their acoustic experiment 'Evocation I'; nothing new here) - CREAG
Eluveitie - Evocation I/The arcane dominion 3.5/5 Eluveitie Review - CREAG
Eluveitie - Slania 3.5/5 Eluveitie Review - CREAG
Eluveitie - Spirit 3/5 (jumbled, but enjoyable and fairly unique combination of folk and melodic death metal) - CREAG
Elvenking - Era 3.5/5 (7th CD from this Italian band; a blend of melodic metal, power metal and folk, with some really nice melodies and well done choruses) - CLINT
Elvenking - Red silent tides 3.5/5 (enjoyable and thoroughly consistent 6th CD that's a nice style of melodic metal with folk/power metal influences) - CLINT
Elvenking - Two tragedy poets 3.5/5 (much better than the previous 'The scythe', but nothing amazing) - CLINT
Elvenking - Two tragedy poets 3.5/5 Elvenking Review - MICHAEL
Elvenking - The scythe 2/5 (4th CD that has the band incorporating modern influences and moving away from the power/folk metal style that made them famous) - CLINT
Elvenking - The scythe 1.5/5 Elvenking Review - CREAG
Elvenking - The winter wake 4/5 (excellent 3rd CD from a band that blends folk metal and power metal very well) - CLINT
Elvenking - The winter wake 4/5 Elvenking Review - MICHAEL
Elvenking - Wyrd 3/5 - CLINT
Elvenking - Heathenreel 4/5 - CLINT
Elvenpath - s/t 4/5 (extra-strong 3rd CD from this traditional heavy/power metal band with all of the ingredients in place) - CLINT
Elvenpath - s/t 4/5 Elvenpath Review - MICHAEL
Elvenpath - Spyrol 3.5/5 (German melodic/traditional power metal band's very good 2nd CD that bridges the gap between bands like Helloween and bands like Ilium) - CLINT
Elvenpath - Gateways 2.5/5 (good traditional power metal debut with a nice Iron Maiden vibe on occasion) - CLINT
Elvenstorm - Of rage and war 4.5/5 Elvenstorm Review - MICHAEL
Elwing - War 3.5/5 Elwing Review - KIT
Elwing - Immortal stories 3/5 - KIT
Elyose - Theogyne 4.5/5 Elyose Review - CHRIS
Elysion - Silent scream 3.5/5 (heavy, crunchy and very catchy gothic metal debut with soaring delightful female vocals, like a more mid-paced Bare Infinity) - CHRIS
Embargo - The red tide 4.5/5 - KIT
Embargo - Children of a lesser god 4/5 - KIT
Embargo - Panem et circenses 3.5/5 - KIT
Embassy of Silence - Antler velvet 3/5 (2nd CD of mainstream poppy female vocal hard rock/metal, like Lullacry, but stronger songwriting than their debut) - CHRIS
Embassy of Silence - Euphorialight 2.5/5 (debut of mainstream poppy female vocal hard rock/metal, like Lullacry) - CHRIS
Emberstorm - Memories of time 4/5 (excellent melodic/progressive power metal debut that reminds me a lot of the band Appearance of Nothing; great start!) - CLINT
Embrace Fire - Savage 3.5/5 Embrace Fire Review - KIT
Emerald (Che) - Unleashed 4/5 (no drastic style changes from this pure/true metal band, but their execution and production has gradually improved into a finally honed CD) - CRAIG
Emerald (Che) - Re-forged (hopefully coming soon)
Emerald (Che) - Hymns to steel 3.5/5 (4th CD of solid, if naive, "true" heavy metal that's still not overly polished) - CRAIG
Emerald (Che) - Forces of doom 2.5/5 (straightforward, enjoyable, somewhat raw and naive heavy metal, Hammerfall and Attack meet Rival) - CRAIG
Emerald (Che) - Calling the knights 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Emerald (Che) - Rebels of our time (hopefully coming soon)
Emerald (Ndl) - Iron on iron 2.5/5 - KIT
Emerald (Ndl) - Down town (hopefully coming soon)
Emerald Mind - Tales of Soveena 4/5 Emerald Mind Review - CLINT
Emerald Sun - Regeneration 3.5/5 (great 2nd CD from this power metal band in the style of Helloween, but it doesn't really offer up anything original) - CLINT
Emerald Sun - Escape from twilight 3.5/5 (great melodic power metal debut that's very much in the style of early Helloween, but with a good amount of keyboards) - CLINT
Empire - Chasing shadows 3.5/5 (4th CD of inspired classy traditional metal in the Martin-era Sabbath vein; great for the style) - KIT
Empire - The raven ride 3.5/5 Empire Review - KIT
Empire - Trading souls (hopefully coming soon)
Empire - Hypnotica (hopefully coming soon)
Empires of Eden - Channelling the infinite 4/5 Empires of Eden Review - SEAN
Empires of Eden - Reborn in fire 3.5/5 Empires of Eden Review - SEAN
Empires of Eden - Songs of war and vengeance 2/5 Empires of Eden Review - JOHN
Empty Storage - Mortalitas 1.5/5 (female fronted debut that's like a lighter version of Elis, Sengir, Xandria, Within Temptation or Asrai) - CLINT
Empyrios - Zion 2.5/5 (3rd CD from this progressive power metal band that’s heading into modern metal; includes some shouted vocals and there’s a metalcore influence) - CLINT
Empyrios - The glorious sickness 3.5/5 (catchy 2nd CD of progressive power metal with some rough vocals and a modern vibe; mix of Evergrey, Nevermore and Auvernia) - CLINT
Empyrios - And the rest is silence 3/5 - CLINT
Enbound - And she says gold 4/5 (superb song-oriented melodic metal debut from Sweden in the vein of Missing Tide, Royal Hunt, Vanishing Point, etc.) - KIT
Enceladus - Elden daemon 2.5/5 Enceladus Review - KIT
Enchanter - Secrets vol. 1 2/5 - KIT
Enchanter - Symbols in stone (hopefully coming soon)
Enchantya - Dark rising 3/5 (debut of Portuguese female fronted gothic/symphonic metal with “beauty and the beast” vocals; decent, but quite inconsistent and bland in parts) - SEAN
End Amen - Your last orison 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
End of September - s/t 3/5 (fairly typical female fronted gothic metal debut, but with a slight modern edge and some extreme male vocals reminding me of Amaranthe) - CLINT
Endangered Reign - Fractured reality 3/5 Endangered Reign Review - KIT
Endangered Reign - Unborn legacies 2.5/5 - KIT
Endangered Reign - Fallen breeze (hopefully coming soon)
Endless - A dream at the sun 4.5/5 Endless Review - CLINT
Endless - Eternal winds 3/5 - CLINT
Endoras - The dark legacy 3.5/5 Endoras Review - CLINT
Endoras - Blood on the horizon 2.5/5 Endoras Review - CLINT
Endyium - Eye of the storm 3.5/5 (very solid debut of Canadian classic metal recommended to fans of Omen, Megadeth, Steel Prophet and Premonition) - MICHAEL
Enemynside - Whatever comes (hopefully coming soon)
Enemynside - In the middle of nowhere 3/5 (2nd CD of Italian thrash inferior to the debut, but fans of Neurasthenia, Hyades and Scapegoat will celebrate) - MICHAEL
Enemynside - Let the madness begin 3/5 - MICHAEL
Energy Strike - Extra formation 4/5 (extra-fun and fast-paced Japanese power metal debut; for fans of Atomic Tornado, Azrael, Knights of Round, Prophesia and Arcadia) - CLINT
Enertia - Force (hopefully coming soon)
Enertia - Flashpoint 2/5 - KIT
Enertia - Momentum (hopefully coming soon)
Enforcer - Death by fire 3.5/5 (3rd CD but their debut for Nuclear Blast Records; not as strong as 'Diamonds', but still well worth the investment) - MICHAEL
Enforcer - Diamonds 4/5 (exceptional traditional Swedish metal comparable to Overdrive, Heavy Load, Oz and Silver Mountain; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Enforcer - Into the night 3.5/5 (pure 80s-styled power metal debut embodying the best of the Metal Blade/Roadrunner elite; think Attacker, Toxik and Exciter) - MICHAEL
English Dogs - All the world's a rage 3/5 - MICHAEL
English Dogs - Bow to none 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
English Dogs - Where legend began 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
English Dogs - Forward into battle 4/5 - MICHAEL
English Dogs - Invasion of the porky men 3/5 - MICHAEL
Engrave - Legacy of a time 4/5 Engrave Review - CLINT
Engrave - Esdra 2.5/5 - CLINT
Enid - Munsalvaesche 4/5 (symphonic gothic/power metal with extended acoustic classical passages and superb deep, warm operatic baritone male vocals; their 5th CD) - CHRIS
Enid - Gradwanderer 4.5/5 (symphonic gothic metal with superb deep, warm operatic baritone male vocals with, unlike earlier CDs, no black metal at all; their 4th CD) - CHRIS
Enid - Seelenspiegel 3.5/5 (folksy symphonic gothic metal with deep, warm operatic baritone male vocals with, unlike earlier CDs, only touches of black metal; their 3rd CD) - CHRIS
Enid - Abschiedsreigen 3/5 (2nd CD of hard, fast, aggressive, grim black metal blended with beautiful, upbeat, folksy symphonic metal with excellent clean male vocals) - CHRIS
Enid - Nachtgedanken (hopefully coming soon)
Enola Gay - Strange encounter (hopefully coming soon)
Enola Gay - Pressure (hopefully coming soon)
Enola Gay - F.O.T.H. 3/5 - KIT
Ensiferum - Unsung heroes 3/5 Ensiferum Review - CREAG
Ensiferum - From afar 3.5/5 Ensiferum Review - CREAG
Ensiferum - Victory songs 4/5 Ensiferum Review - CREAG
Ensiferum - Dragonheads (EP) 4/5 Ensiferum Review - CREAG
Ensiferum - Iron 4/5 (2nd CD that's more varied, but just a slightly lesser follow-up to the indispensable debut) - CREAG
Ensiferum - s/t 4.5/5 (essential folk metal debut that's vibrant, varied, catchy and powerful) - CREAG
Enter Twilight - The inner verse 3.5/5 Enter Twilight Review - CLINT
Envinya - Inner silence 4/5 Envinya Review - SEAN
Epica - Requiem for the indifferent 3.5/5 (strong CD of "beauty and beast" power/symphonic gothic metal, but it’s not at the level of their previous 2 CDs) - CLINT
Epica - Design your universe 4.5/5 (absolutely monstrous CD from this popular "beauty and the beast" style power/symphonic/gothic metal band) - CLINT
Epica - The divine conspiracy 4/5 (awesome CD that's their most aggressive to date and contains a very well-executed "beauty and the beast" vocal style) - CLINT
Epica - The divine conspiracy 4/5 Epica Review - SEAN
Epica - The score/An epic journey 4/5 (one of the better film score's I've heard; obviously contains very little guitars, but Simone sings on a few songs) - CLINT
Epica - Consign to oblivion 3/5 Epica Review - CLINT
Epica - The phantom agony 4/5 (strong gothic metal debut with female/male vocals similar to After Forever) - CLINT
Epiclore - Labyrinth alpha 3/5 Epiclore Review - CLINT
Epidemia - Rider from the ice (hopefully coming soon)
Epidemia - Way home 3.5/5 (varied, pro effort from Russian-language melodic power metal stalwarts; they're veering away from their bombastic metal roots though) - KIT
Epidemia - The elven manuscript: Saga for all times 4.5/5 Epidemia Review - KIT
Epidemia - Livin' in twilight 4.5/5 (exceptional Russian-language melodic power metal; one of the best CDs I heard in 2006) - KIT
Epidemia - The elven manuscript: Opera metal 4/5 - KIT
Epidemia - Mystery of the magic country 4.5/5 - KIT
Epidemia - On the edge of time 4/5 - CLINT
Epinikion - s/t 2.5/5 Epinikion Review - CREAG
Epitafiya - Hostages of system 2/5 (disappointing 2nd CD of Russian-language heavy metal that's without the power metal presence of their debut and is boring at times) - CLINT
Epitafiya - Turned world 3/5 - CLINT
Epizod - People of Dulo (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - The ancient warrior (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - Our roots (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - St. Patriarch evtimii 3.5/5 (triumphant CD by Bulgaria's masters of unique epic folk/doom/power) - KIT
Epizod - Manly songs 3/5 - KIT
Epizod - The time has come (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - The Bulgarian god 3.5/5 - KIT
Epizod - Respect (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - Dead among dead men (hopefully coming soon)
Epizod - Pray (hopefully coming soon)
Epoha - Brand of the eternal debt 3.5/5 (well done Russian-language heavy/power metal debut that's recommended to fans of the typical style/language) - CLINT
Epsylon - The gift 3.5/5 Epsylon Review - CLINT
Epysode - Fantasmagoria 4.5/5 Epysode Review - SEAN
Epysode - Obsessions 3.5/5 (great melodic/progressive/power metal debut somewhat comparable to Evergrey, but with both female and male vocals) - CLINT
Equilibrium - Rekreatur 4/5 (3rd CD of heavy, bombastic, festive and epic yet intense viking blackened power metal, but less folksy and more orchestral) - CHRIS
Equilibrium - Sagas 3/5 (2nd CD of heavy, bombastic, extremely festive and epic yet intense viking blackened power metal, but much faster and less variety) - CHRIS
Equilibrium - Turis fratyr 4/5 (debut of fast, heavy, bombastic, extremely festive and epic yet intense viking blackened power metal; similar to Turisas) - CHRIS
Eradicator - Madness is my name (hopefully coming soon)
Eradicator - The atomic blast 3/5 (debut from German thrashers showing appreciation for Evil Dead, Necronomicon, Death in Action and Destruction) - MICHAEL
Eradikator - Dystopia 4/5 (superb 80s style thrash debut from the U.K. that's like a more straight-thrash Reign of Fury; there’s a big Xentrix influence too) - KIT
Erben der Schopfung - Narben der zeit 3/5 (long-awaited 2nd CD of female fronted gothic metal with darkwave/electronic/techno influences; not as catchy as the debut) - CLINT
Erben der Schopfung - Twilight 3.5/5 (gothic metal debut from the band who branched off to Elis; has more electronic/darkwave parts than Elis, but is very catchy) - CLINT
Ereb Altor - Gastrike (hopefully coming soon)
Ereb Altor - The end 3.5/5 (more fine viking-era Bathory worship from Swedish duo moonlighting from Isole; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Ereb Altor - By honour 3.5/5 (debut that's an impressive viking-era Bathory worship, albeit a step down from the mighty Crom) - KIT
Erszebeth - La condesa Inmortal 3/5 (Spanish-language gothic metal debut with "beauty and the beast" vocals; similar to Fortaleza, but is more symphonic/less folky) - CLINT
Eruption - Lifeless paradise 3.5/5 (Eastern European bloc thrash debut with tight hooks and clever solos, a la Evil Dead, Space Eater and Negligence) - MICHAEL
Essence of Sorrow - Reflections of the obscure 3.5/5 Essence of Sorrow Review - JOHN
Eterna - Epiphany 3.5/5 Eterna Review - CLINT
Eterna - Terra nova 2/5 - CLINT
Eterna - The gate 2.5/5 - CLINT
Eterna - Papyrus 1.5/5 - CLINT
Eterna - Shema Israel 1/5 - CLINT
Eternal Dream - The fall of Salanthine 4/5 Eternal Dream Review - CLINT
Eternal Flight - Diminished reality, elegies and mysteries (hopefully coming soon)
Eternal Flight - Under the sign of will 3.5/5 Eternal Flight Review - CRAIG
Eternal Flight - Positive rage (hopefully coming soon)
Eternal Legacy - Seeking no peace 3.5/5 Eternal Legacy Review - MICHAEL
Eternal Legacy - Lifeless alive 4/5 (Ohio metal merchant's 2nd CD that's heavier, thrashier, and all-around better than the debut; on Auburn Records) - KIT
Eternal Legacy - The coming of the tempest 3.5/5 Eternal Legacy Review - KIT
Eternal Night - Heaven's kingdom will be yours 3/5 - KIT
Eternal Reign - The dawn of reckoning 3.5/5 (classy German power/progressive metal mix, kinda like Angel Dust with an infusion of melodic metal; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Eternal Reign - Forbidden path 3.5/5 (derivative but tasty mix of classy European metal a la Mob Rules with a dash of Breaker and a pinch of latter-day Savatage) - KIT
Eternal Reign - Crimes of passion (hopefully coming soon)
Eternia - Tales of power 3/5 (one and only CD from the band now known as Destynation; is in the style of Gamma Ray, Dungeon, Gaia Epicus and faster Hammerfall) - CLINT
Eternity X - From the ashes (hopefully coming soon)
Eternity X - The edge 3.5/5 - KIT
Eternity X - Mind games 3/5 - KIT
Eternity X - Zodiac (hopefully coming soon)
Etherna - s/t 3.5/5 Etherna Review - CLINT
Ethos - s/t 3.5/5 (Spanish/English-language metal debut brimming with youthful enthusiasm and combining traditional, power and thrash, with some modern bits) - KIT
Etrusgrave - Tophet 4/5 (2nd CD that's outstanding epic Italian metal, and it's both heavier and less progressive than the debut) - KIT
Etrusgrave - Masters of fate 4/5 (impressive mystical epic proto-metal debut from ex-Dark Quarterer guitarist in the early 80s style of Manilla Road or 'Battle hymns') - KIT
Eugenic Death - Crimes against humanity 3/5 (Heaven and Hell Records thrash act’s debut that has less in common with Sacred Reich than with Morbid Saint and Rigor Mortis) - MICHAEL
Eumeria - Rebel mind 3.5/5 (great melodic/progressive/power metal debut with excellent vocals; similar to Circus Maximus, Lost in Thought, Pathosray, etc.) - CLINT
Euroforce - s/t 3/5 Euroforce Review - DAVID
Evanescence - s/t 4/5 (well done 3rd CD from this extra-popular female fronted gothic rock/metal band; the vocals are fantastic and every song is of high quality) - CLINT
Evanescence - The open door 3.5/5 (though it doesn't contain as many highlights as the popular debut, this is still a worthy follow-up) - CLINT
Evanescence - Fallen 4.5/5 (commercial but excellent female fronted gothic rock/metal debut with wonderful vocals and some beautiful slow songs) - CLINT
Evarest - Fear 3.5/5 Evarest Review - CLINT
Even Song - Mysterium 1.5/5 (3rd and final CD comparable to Via Mistica; doesn't even come close to matching their wonderful debut) - CLINT
Even Song - Of man's first disobedience 1/5 - CLINT
Even Song - Path of the angels 4/5 - CLINT
Evenoire - Vitriol 3.5/5 Evenoire Review - CHRIS
Evenstorm - The return of the storm 3.5/5 (these warriors of true Teutonic steel will appeal to fans of Majesty, Black hawk, Dragonsfire and Viron; their 3rd CD) - MICHAEL
Evenstorm - Attacks the town (hopefully coming soon)
Evenstorm - Metal anthology (hopefully coming soon)
Event Horizon X - Far across the wasteland 3/5 Event Horizon X Review - KIT
Event Horizon X - Along came the winter (hopefully coming soon)
Event Horizon X - Fall of darkness (hopefully coming soon)
Ever Since - Between heaven and hell 4/5 (debut of heavy rocking and extremely hooky gothic death metal with death, clean and angelic female vocals) - CHRIS
Everfest - Rising 3.5/5 (very nice debut caught somewhere in the middle of Evergrey, Platitude, Red Circuit and Vanishing Point) - CLINT
Everglow - Destination 3.5/5 Everglow Review - CLINT
Evergrace - s/t 3.5/5 (great heavy/melodic metal debut that's got some excellent stand-out songs; band has since changed their name to Incrave) - CLINT
Evergrey - Glorious collision 4.5/5 (popular progressive power metal band returns with a slightly different production approach, but superb vocals and songwriting) - CLINT
Evergrey - Torn 4/5 (popular Swedish band is back with another excellent CD that contains the dark progressive power metal feel that made them famous) - CLINT
Evergrey - Torn 4/5 Evergrey Review - SEAN
Evergrey - Monday morning apocalypse 4/5 (I prefer their previous few CDs or Vanishing Point's 'Embrace the silence', but this is still excellent progressive power metal) - CLINT
Evergrey - The inner circle 4.5/5 (awesome 5th CD from this unique dark progressive power metal band) - CLINT
Evergrey - Recreation day 4.5/5 - CLINT
Evergrey - In search of truth 4.5/5 - CLINT
Evergrey - Solitude/dominance/trajedy 3/5 - CLINT
Evergrey - The dark discovery 2.5/5 - CLINT
Everlasting Dark - Return to darkness 4/5 Everlasting Dark Review - CHRIS
Evershine - Renewal 4/5 (terrific Italian power metal debut that’s highly recommended to those who loved Italian power metal around the year 2000) - CLINT
Eviction - The world is hours away 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Evidence One - The sky is the limit 3/5 Evidence One Review - CREAG
Evidence One - Tattooed heart 3/5 - CREAG
Evidence One - Criticize the truth (hopefully coming soon)
Evil Masquerade - Pentagram 2/5 (boring 5th CD that has the band shelling almost all of their power metal and neo-classical elements, with unsatisfactory results) - CLINT
Evil Masquerade - Fade to black 3.5/5 (4th CD from this melodic heavy/power metal band, which has less of the interesting neo-classical parts, but the songs are great) - CLINT
Evil Masquerade - Third act 3.5/5 (impressive 3rd CD of neo-classical power metal featuring Apollo Papathanasio on vocals for the first time) - CLINT
Evil Masquerade - Theatrical madness 3.5/5 (2nd CD continuing in line with bands like Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask, At Vance and Book of Reflections) - CLINT
Evil Masquerade - Theatrical madness 4/5 Evil Masquerade Review - DAVID
Evil Masquerade - Welcome to the show 3.5/5 (excellent debut that's like a blend of Opus Atlantica, Iron Mask and At Vance) - CLINT
Evil One - Militia of death 3.5/5 (retro thrashers deliver a ragin' 3rd CD a la ADX, Killers, H.O.D. and F.K.U.; has a guest appearance by Gerre of Tankard) - MICHAEL
Evil One - Evil never dies 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Evil One - Shades of life (hopefully coming soon)
Evil Survives - Powerkiller 3/5 (Canadian traditional metal act from home of Chris Jericho, for fans of Fozzy, Steel Prophet, Racer X and Endyium; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Evil Survives - Metal vengeance 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Evil United - s/t 3.5/5 (Jason McMaster recovers his speed metal roots with this debut, similar to Watchtower, Hirax and Dark Angel, but with some hard rock too) - MICHAEL
Evil Whiplash - Rituals of punishment 3/5 (infernal thrash debut comparable to Hatchery, Brainwashed, Headhunter, Shah, Necronomicon, etc.) - MICHAEL
Evildead - The underworld 3/5 - MICHAEL
Evildead - Annihilation of civilization 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Evile - Five serpent's teeth 3.5/5 Evile Review - CREAG
Evile - Infected nations 2.5/5 Evile Review - CREAG
Evile - Enter the grave 4/5 Evile Review - CREAG
Evil's Desire - Initium 3/5 Evil's Desire Review - CLINT
Evolution - When serenity ends (hopefully coming soon)
Evolution - Welcome to war (hopefully coming soon)
Evolution - Dark dreams of light 2.5/5 (aspiring Metalliclones expertly ape their idols, but too many boring, groovy midtempo parts) - KIT
Ex Deo - Caligvla 3.5/5 (finally, the sophomore outing from Maurizio and his Kataklysm compatriots championing the glory of Rome, Spartacus and Legion XIII) - MICHAEL
Ex Deo - Romulus 3.5/5 (epic metal debut from members of Kataklysm championing the glory of Rome; for fans of Behemoth, Manowar, Bathory and Warlord) - MICHAEL
Ex Libris - Amygdala 3.5/5 (debut of engaging, driving, often quite rocking guitar-driven progressive metal with superb operatic female vocals) - CHRIS
Exalted Piledriver (The) - Metal manifesto 3.5/5 (debut that's sick thrash insanity a la Piledriver, Dogs With Jobs and Convict) - MICHAEL
Excalion - High time 4/5 (outstanding 3rd CD from this melodic power metal band, and it's probably their best to date) - CLINT
Excalion - High time 4/5 Excalion Review - SEAN
Excalion - Waterlines 3.5/5 (2nd CD of fairly generic but well done melodic power metal; sounds like a blend of Masterplan and Thunderstone) - CLINT
Excalion - Primal exhale 4/5 Excalion Review - CLINT
Excel - Seeking refuge (hopefully coming soon)
Excel - The joke's on you 3/5 - MICHAEL
Excel - Split image 3/5 - MICHAEL
Excelsis - The standing stone 3/5 Excelsis Review - CREAG
Excelsis - The legacy of Sempach (hopefully coming soon)
Excelsis - Tales of tell (hopefully coming soon)
Excelsis - Kurt of koppingen 2/5 - CRAIG
Excelsis - Anduin the river 2/5 - CRAIG
Exciter - Death machine 2/5 (even by Exciter standards, this is a woefully underproduced, messy and mindlessly repetitive CD with annoying screamy vocals) - KIT
Exciter - Thrash speed burn 3.5/5 Exciter Review - KIT
Exciter - New testament 2.5/5 (self-covers CD by Canada's finest; great songs but the lackluster sound job defeats the purpose) - KIT
Exciter - Blood of tyrants 3/5 - KIT
Exciter - The dark command 3.5/5 - KIT
Exciter - Kill after kill 2.5/5 - KIT
Exciter - s/t 2.5/5 - KIT
Exciter - Unveiling the wicked 2.5/5 - KIT
Exciter - Long live the loud 4/5 - KIT
Exciter - Violence and force 4/5 - KIT
Exciter - Heavy metal maniac 4.5/5 - KIT
E-X-E - Sicker than I thought! 3/5 - MICHAEL
E-X-E - Stricken by might 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Executer - Welcome to your hell 3/5 - MICHAEL
Executer - Psychotic mind (hopefully coming soon)
Executer - Rotten authorities 3/5 - MICHAEL
Executioner - Break the silence 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Executioner - In the name of metal 3/5 - MICHAEL
Exhibition - The sign of tomorrow 2/5 - KIT
Exiled - Blood sea 4/5 Exiled Review - CRAIG
Exiled - Blood sea 3.5/5 - KIT
Exiled - Fortune teller 4/5 - KIT
Exiled - s/t 4/5 - KIT
Existence - Godforsaken nights (hopefully coming soon)
Existence - Reign in violence ll 2.5/5 (quirky indy German CD that's vaguely reminiscent of Abraxas, Depressive Age and Hollow; maybe too strange for me) - KIT
Existence - Ventricular fibrillation (hopefully coming soon)
Existence - Reign in violence (hopefully coming soon)
Exlibris - Humagination 3/5 Exlibris Review - CREAG
Exlibris - Skyward (hopefully coming soon)
Exmortus - Beyond the fall of time 3.5/5 (thrashers take a technical turn like Nocturnus, D.B.C., Cynic, Pestilence and other early Roadrunner Records acts; their 2nd CD) - MICHAEL
Exmortus - In hatred's flame 3.5/5 (dynamic deathrashin' debut with killer riffs, but brutal vocals, like early Suffocation or Malevolent Creation) - MICHAEL
Exodus - Exhibit B/The human condition 4/5 Exodus Review - CRAIG
Exodus - Let there be blood 4/5 (an all-time thrash classic, 'Bonded by blood', re-recorded with a crystal clear and a razor-sharp sound) - CRAIG
Exodus - The atrocity exhibition/Exhibit A 3.5/5 Exodus Review - CRAIG
Exodus - Shovel headed kill machine 3.5/5 (catchy, pure thrash that is uniquely well executed and sure to please fans of Exodus of old) - CRAIG
Exodus - Tempo of the damned 3.5/5 - CRAIG
Exodus - Force of habit 2/5 - CRAIG
Exodus - Impact is imminent 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Exodus - Fabulous disaster 3/5 - CRAIG
Exodus - Pleasures of the flesh 3/5 - CRAIG
Exodus - Bonded by blood 4/5 - CRAIG
Exorcist - Nightmare theatre 2.5/5 (basic thrash by all members of Virgin Steele's 'Noble savage' line-up) - MICHAEL
Explode - Live forever 2.5/5 - KIT
Explosicum - Conflict 3.5/5 (rippin' thrash debut from China embracing the old-school with catchy hooks and riffs; can you say "Slaaaaaaayer"!) - MICHAEL
Exsecratus - Tainted dreams 4/5 (awesome symphonic power metal debut with tons of speed and mostly female vocals, but there are fairly brutal male death vocals too) - CLINT
Exumer - Fire & damnation 4/5 Exumer Review - MICHAEL
Exumer - Rising from the sea 4/5 - MICHAEL
Exumer - Possessed by fire 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Exxplorer - Vengeance rides an angry horse 3/5 (Lenny is back, but I'm a bit hoarse from screaming for 'Symphonies of steel pt. II', based on this blank return) - MICHAEL
Exxplorer - Coldblackugly 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Exxplorer - A recipe for power (hopefully coming soon)
Exxplorer - Symphonies of steel 4/5 - MICHAEL
Eyefear - The inception of darkness (hopefully coming soon)
Eyefear - The unseen 3.5/5 (4th CD of Aussie progressive power metal with Danny Cecati from Pegazus on vocals; for fans of Vanishing Point) - MICHAEL
Eyefear - A world full of grey 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Eyefear - 9 elements of inner vision 3/5 Eyefear Review - MICHAEL
Eyefear - Edge of existence 3/5 - MICHAEL
Eyes of Eden - Faith 3/5 (promising female fronted gothic/symphonic metal debut that sounds like a blend of Lacuna Coil and Leaves' Eyes) - CLINT
Eyes of Fenrir - Victorious holy war 3.5/5 (promising Japanese power metal debut with symphonic/neo-classical highlights) - CLINT
Eyes of Shiva - Deep 3/5 (2nd CD that remains somewhat similar to Angra/Shaman, but is a lot heavier and incorporates a wide variety of vocal styles) - CLINT
Eyes of Shiva - Eyes of soul 3/5 (fine debut in line with Angra, Glory Opera, Arwen, Wizards and maybe Orion Riders) - CLINT
Eyes of Soul - Cyberian tales 4/5 (memorable Italian progressive power metal debut; think of Concept, Silver Lake, Helreid, Wonderland, Ananke and Night Cloud) - CLINT
Ezo - Fire fire 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ezo - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL

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