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Enter Twilight - The inner verse 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-26-06


1. Secrets
2. Nectar of fantasy
3. Angelic sacrifice
4. Eternal
5. Memories
6. Soul tears
7. In this final hour

It gives me great pleasure to introduce bands that I know are going to appeal to a certain group of metal fans. Formed way back in the late 90s, Enter Twilight finally present their full-length debut 'The inner verse', one that will appeal to the group who enjoy the pleasant side of female fronted melodic metal, where the popular Edenbridge and Visions of Atlantis are settled in, as well as newcomers Amazon and Lunatica. Enter Twilight (from Australia) takes the next spot in line and has started off nicely with this debut. The CD is well produced, has a great deal of melody and is about as symphonic as what you'd expect from a band in this style.

Right from the start I want to emphasize that vocalist Lidia Szymczak is a wonderful singer, sounding like a blend of Tarja (ex-Nightwish) and Sabine (Edenbridge). In fact, I consider her one of the better female vocalists out there in the metal world. There are some songs on the CD that musically lack hooks and her vocals seem to carry me through. I really like her voice that much. But don't get me wrong, you can expect some excellent songwriting, nice symphonic arrangements and I've found the guitar work to be of high quality as well.

If I haven't made it obvious already, one of the things that's great about this CD is how familiar it will sound to fans of the previously mentioned bands, but without being a clone (Enter Twilight does have their own sound). Still, there's no way that hearing track 1 "Secrets" won't bring Edenbridge and/or Visions of Atlantis to mind. What's even better, is the CD immediately follows up this feeling of familiarity with the best song on the CD "Nectar of fantasy". This song just oozes melody and Lidia's vocals are spectacular! Another favorite is track 5 "Memories", which is the longest song on the CD. It has a pause near the end and then it returns with soft but outstanding guitars and Lidia's vocals soaring in the background. Although there are only 7 tracks on the CD, all are on the lengthy side and the CD ends up being of normal running time.

So we have another promising band for those who love female vocals in metal. As far as quality, I'd put this at the same level as Amazon's debut 'Victoria Regia' or Vision of Atlantis' 'Cast away'. I think Edenbridge's 'Shine' is the best (definitely the catchiest) of the bunch at this moment in time, but it took them 4 CDs to climb the ladder. With Enter Twilight just starting out, there's no telling what lies ahead. Well done!




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