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Cacophony - Go off! 3/5 (the most unbelievable harmony guitars ever recorded with Marty Friedman and Jason Becker; their 2nd CD) - JOHN
Cacophony - Speed metal symphony 3/5 - JOHN
Cacumen - Down to hell 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cacumen - Bad widow 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cacumen - s/t 4/5 - MICHAEL
Cadacross - Corona borealis 2/5 - KIT
Cadacross - So pale is the light (hopefully coming soon)
Cadaveria - Horror metal 3/5 (Opera IX female vocalist's gothic-thrash project with Necrodeath members, comparable to Arch Enemy and Bathory; their 4th CD) - MICHAEL
Cadaveria - In your blood 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cadaveria - Far away from conformity (hopefully coming soon)
Cadaveria - The shadows’ madame (hopefully coming soon)
Caesar - Rubicon 4.5/5 (catchy-as-hell Russian-language progressive power metal debut with symphonic highlights; definitely the Russian answer to Kamelot!) - CLINT
Caffery, Chris - House of insanity 4/5 Caffery, Chris Review - KIT
Caffery, Chris - Pins and needles 3/5 Caffery, Chris Review - KIT
Caffery, Chris - W.A.R.P.E.D. 3.5/5 (a touch anticlimactic after 'Faces/God damn war', but it's strong and captures Caffery's angry face) - KIT
Caffery, Chris - Faces/God damn war 4/5 Caffery, Chris Review - KIT
Cage - Supremacy of steel 4/5 (another excellent CD from this American band, and thankfully they refuse to veer from the power metal style we all love) - CLINT
Cage - Science of annihilation 4/5 (awesome 5th CD from this U.S. power metal band that continues to head in the right direction) - CLINT
Cage - Science of annihilation 4/5 Cage Review - MICHAEL
Cage - Hell destroyer 4/5 (ultra-long but excellent CD that's competitive with their previous 'Darker than black') - CLINT
Cage - Hell destroyer 3.5/5 Cage Review - JOHN
Cage - Darker than black 4/5 - CLINT
Cage - Astrology 3/5 - CLINT
Cage - Unveiled 3.5/5 - CLINT
Cain's Dinasty - Madmen, witches and vampires 3.5/5 (great 2nd CD that has the band dropping most of their dark/gothic elements and focusing on power metal) - CLINT
Cain's Dinasty - Madmen, witches and vampires 4/5 Cain's Dinasty Review - KIT
Cain's Dinasty - Legacy of blood 3/5 Cain's Dinasty Review - CLINT
Cain's Offering - Gather the faithful 4/5 Cain's Offering Review - CREAG
Caladmor - Midwinter 3.5/5 Caladmor Review - CLINT
Callisto - Road 3.5/5 (though containing a number of slow songs, this 2nd CD of Russian-language power metal has better overall songwriting than the debut) - CLINT
Callisto - s/t 3.5/5 (Russian-language melodic power metal debut that's caught somewhere in the middle of Charizma, Bastion of Destiny and Epidemia) - CLINT
Candlemass - Psalms for the dead 4.5/5 (a colossal eulogy to the Swedish doom legends’ storied recording career; similar in quality to the other Lowe-era CDs) - KIT
Candlemass - Death magic doom 5/5 Candlemass Review - KIT
Candlemass - King of the grey islands 4.5/5 Candlemass Review - KIT
Candlemass - s/t 4.5/5 Candlemass Review - KIT
Candlemass - From the 13th sun 1.5/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Dactylis glomerata 2/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Chapter VI 2/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Tales of creation 3/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Ancient dreams 4.5/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Nightfall 5/5 - KIT
Candlemass - Epicus doomicus metallicus 4.5/5 - KIT
Canedy, Feinstein, Bordonaro & Caudle - Hollywood 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cannon - Burning love (hopefully coming soon)
Cannon - Metal style (hopefully coming soon)
Cannon - Back in business 2/5 (2nd CD of inoffensive German hard rock; not enough oomph and aaaarghhhh to sustain my interest) - KIT
Cannon - Thunder and lightning (hopefully coming soon)
Cans - Beyond the gates 3/5 (good debut that blends Hammerfall and Gamma Ray; contains mostly mid-paced songs though) - CLINT
Cantata Sangui - On rituals and correspondence in constructed realities 2/5 (plodding dual bass guitar gothic/doom metal debut with 2 female vocalists) - CHRIS
Capricorn - Inferno 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Capricorn - s/t 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Caravellus - Knowledge machine 3.5/5 (2nd CD with a male vocalist replacing the female vocalist from the debut and more of a progressive direction; similar to Angra) - CLINT
Caravellus - Lighthouse and shed 3.5/5 (female fronted power metal debut caught in the middle of Forgotten Tales, Nightwish, Fading Starlight and Kapel Maister) - CLINT
Carbide - Spiral termination 3/5 - KIT
Carcass - Surgical steel 4/5 (triumphant return with just Bill & Jeff forging more artful symphonies of sickness straight from their twisted hearts) - MICHAEL
Carcass - Swansong 4/5 - MICHAEL
Carcass - Heartwork 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Carcass - Necroticism/Descanting the insalubrious 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Carcass - Symphonies of sickness 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Carcass - Reek of putrefaction 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cardiant - Verge 3.5/5 (3rd CD that’s a blend of their power metal debut and their melodic metal/hard rock 2nd CD, with some additional female vocals this time too) - CLINT
Cardiant - Tomorrow's daylight 3/5 (2nd CD with a new/great vocalist, but unlike the debut, there aren't many power metal songs, as some are average melodic metal) - CLINT
Cardiant - Midday moon 4/5 (exciting power metal debut for fans of Stratovarius, Dreamtale, Celesty, Sonata Arctica, Axenstar and Thunderstone) - CLINT
Cardinal Sin - Resurrection 3/5 (good thrash compilation from Puerto Rico for fans of Evildead, Havok, Death Angel, Defiance and Sacrifice) - MICHAEL
Carnivore - Retaliation 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Carnivore - s/t 3/5 - MICHAEL
Carrion - Evil is there! 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cassandra Syndrome - Satire X 2.5/5 (okay 2nd CD of gothic/heavy metal with solid operatic female vocals; perhaps for extra-major fans of Tarja) - CLINT
Cassandra Syndrome - Of patriots and tyrants 2.5/5 - CLINT
Castle - Blacklands 3.5/5 (mystical, fuzzed-out, female fronted proto-metal from San Francisco that should appeal to Christian Mistress fans; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Castle - In witch order (hopefully coming soon)
Casus Belli - In the name of rose 3/5 (LMP Greek traditional metallers' 2nd CD that starts strong, but loses steam towards the end) - KIT
Casus Belli - Mirror out of time 2/5 (diverse progressive power metal debut from Greece with a good production) - KIT
Catafalque - Dialectique 3/5 (2nd CD of symphonic/gothic metal that's not as powerful as the debut and is more poppy/electronic; sensational female/male vocals though) - CLINT
Catafalque - Unique 4/5 (excellent symphonic/gothic metal debut very similar to early Theatre of Tragedy with a touch of Sirenia) - CLINT
Catch 22 - Monumetal 3/5 (worthy follow-up to 'Soulreaper', with major Anvil influences added, as well as older Iced Earth and perhaps even classic Megadeth) - MICHAEL
Catch 22 - Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution 3/5 (double-CD thrash effort recommended to fans of Iced Earth, Imagika and Hellrazor) - MICHAEL
Catch 22 - Awaken 3/5 - MICHAEL
Catch 22 - Time reveals all 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Catch 22 - Through eyes of pain 3/5 - MICHAEL
Catharsis - Light album 4.5/5 (their previous 'Wings' is maybe my favorite Russian-language power metal CD, and while not quite at that level, this is an awesome 4th CD) - CLINT
Catharsis - Wings 5/5 Catharsis Review - CLINT
Catharsis - Imago 4/5 - CLINT
Catharsis - Dea 3.5/5 - CLINT
Catley, Bob - Immortal 4/5 Catley, Bob Review - CREAG
Catley, Bob - Spirit of man 3.5/5 (less metal than its predecessor and successor, but another melodic gem from old Bob regardless) - CREAG
Catley, Bob - When empires burn 4/5 (stunning jump into heavy metal from the veteran; guitarist Vince O'Regan plays a blinder) - CREAG
Catley, Bob - Middle earth 2.5/5 (Tolkein-inspired symphonic rock with too much emphasis on the 'symphonic') - CREAG
Catley, Bob - Legends (hopefully coming soon)
Catley, Bob - The tower (hopefully coming soon)
Cauldron - Tomorrow’s lost 3/5 (3rd CD that’s another lackluster outing from these Canadians who wish they were as good as Widow, Twisted Tower Dire and ASKA) - MICHAEL
Cauldron - Burning fortune 3/5 (rockin' sophomore endeavor that's better than the debut, yet still derivative and not as good as Goat Horn; for fans of Widow) - MICHAEL
Cauldron - Chained to the nite 3/5 (Canadian classic/heavy metal debut from ex-members of Goat Horn; for fans of Anvil, Cirith Ungol, Widow and Thor) - MICHAEL
Cauldron Born - And Rome shall fall 3/5 (intricate, epic true metal a bit lacking in hooks) - KIT
Cauldron Born - Born of the cauldron 3/5 - KIT
Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt force trauma 3.5/5 (finally, the Sepultura CD for which we have waited 20 years, and it's awesome thrash with searing solos!) - MICHAEL
Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted 3/5 - MICHAEL
Celestial Decay - Contradictum 3.5/5 Celestial Decay Review - CLINT
Celesty - Vendetta 4/5 (awesome 4th CD of Finnish power metal that's by far their most symphonic to date) - CLINT
Celesty - Vendetta 4.5/5 Celesty Review - SEAN
Celesty - Mortal mind creation 3.5/5 (very good 3rd CD in line with Axenstar, Conquest, Citadel, Dreamtale and Cardiant; took some time to sink in though) - CLINT
Celesty - Legacy of hate 3.5/5 (exciting 2nd CD of Scandinavian power metal, but I think I like their debut a bit better) - CLINT
Celesty - Reign of elements 4/5 - CLINT
Cellador - Enter deception 3.5/5 Cellador Review - MICHAEL
Cellbound - Monstrum 3.5/5 (2nd CD of improved thrash/metalcore like Edge of Attack, All That Remains and Sister Sin, with brutal male and clean female vocals) - MICHAEL
Cellbound - Fallen angels of sui caedere 3/5 (unique thrash/metalcore debut with brutal male vocals and precious soft female vocals) - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - Monotheist 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis 3/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - Cold lake 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - Into the pandemonium 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - To mega therion 3/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Frost - Morbid tales 3/5 - MICHAEL
Celtic Legacy - Guardian of eternity 4/5 Celtic Legacy Review - CREAG
Celtic Legacy - Resurrection 4/5 - CREAG
Celtic Legacy - s/t 4/5 (inspired debut of celtic rock/metal, that’s a bit less heavy than their other 2 CDs but no worse for it) - CREAG
Centaur - The origin of sin (hopefully coming soon)
Centaur - God complex 2.5/5 - KIT
Centaur - Perception (hopefully coming soon)
Centaur - Power world 3/5 - KIT
Centaur - Mob rules the world (hopefully coming soon)
Centinela - Pura satisfaccion (hopefully coming soon)
Centinela - Teoria de la fidelidad (hopefully coming soon)
Centinela - Claustrofobia (hopefully coming soon)
Centinela - Panico (hopefully coming soon)
Centinela - La nueva ira 3.5/5 - KIT
Centinela - Sangre eterna 3.5/5 - KIT
Centvrion - Invulnerable 2/5 Centvrion Review - MICHAEL
Centvrion - Non plus ultra 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Centvrion - Hyper martyrium 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Centvrion - Arise of the empire 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cerebus - Too late to pray 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ceremonial Oath - Carpet 3/5 - MICHAEL
Ceremonial Oath - The book of truth 3/5 - MICHAEL
Chainfist - Black out Sunday 3/5 (heavy metal debut for fans of Brainstorm, Symphorce, Battlezone, and perhaps even Soundgarden) - MICHAEL
Chaos Asylum - Into the black 3.5/5 (British metal debut that’s sturdy and true, with a few modern kinks; like recent Marshall Law with less groove) - CREAG
Chaos Theory - Whispers of doom 4/5 (convincing Australian melodic power metal debut with a distinct Iron Maiden feel) - KIT
Chaoswave - Dead eye dreaming 3/5 (progressive/heavy metal band's solid 2nd CD, containing their Lacuna Coil-style vocal attack and groovy riffs; better than their debut) - CLINT
Chaoswave - The white noise within 2/5 Chaoswave Review - CLINT
Chapter Seven - Metamorphosis 2.5/5 (female fronted progressive power metal possibly comparable to Headline and Syrens Call, with a touch of Mercury Rain) - CLINT
Chariot - In the blood (hopefully coming soon)
Chariot - Behind the wire 3.5/5 (near excellent Pure Steel Records re-issue of 2006 album for fans of Tysondog and Railway; their 3rd CD) - MICHAEL
Chariot - Burning ambition 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chariot - The warrior (hopefully coming soon)
Charizma - Power and faith 3.5/5 (3rd CD of Russian-language power metal; contains some excellent songs, but it’s not one of the best CDs in the style/language) - CLINT
Charizma - II 3.5/5 Charizma Review - CLINT
Charizma - Source of power 3/5 - CLINT
Charlie Shred - s/t 4/5 (excellent heavy/power metal debut from Reinxeed members, who tear it up like early Steel Attack and Axenstar) - MICHAEL
Charred Walls of the Damned - Cold winds on timeless days (hopefully coming soon)
Charred Walls of the Damned - s/t 3/5 (technically stunning but somewhat underwritten debut from Richard Christy's all-star project) - CREAG
Chastain - In an outrage 2/5 (a decent effort to recapture the classic sound, but lacking the great songwriting of the 80s material) - JOHN
Chastain - In dementia 1.5/5 - JOHN
Chastain - Sick society 1/5 - JOHN
Chastain - For those who dare 4.5/5 - JOHN
Chastain - The voice of the cult 3.5/5 - JOHN
Chastain - The 7th of never 4/5 - JOHN
Chastain - Ruler of the wasteland 4/5 - JOHN
Chastain - Mystery of illusion 3.5/5 - JOHN
Chateaux - Highly strung 3/5 - MICHAEL
Chateaux - Fire power 3/5 - MICHAEL
Chateaux - Chained and desperate 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chemical Annihilation - Why die? 3/5 (Stormspell Records compilation from Oregon deathrashers, a la Numskull, Morbid Saint, Dark Angel and Sadus) - MICHAEL
Chemistry Room - Butterfly effect 4/5 Chemistry Room Review - SEAN
Children of Bodom - Relentless reckless forever 3/5 (their 7th CD, and once again, it doesn’t have the momentum of some of their past efforts) - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Blooddrunk 2.5/5 (definitely not another 'Hatebreeder'; too short, too simple and too hyped, so check out early Kalmah instead) - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet? 3/5 (oops, they did it again with their formulaic shredding guitars/superfluous keys and inchoate lyrical style) - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Hatecrew deathroll 3/5 - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Follow the reaper 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Children of Bodom - Something wild 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chimaera - Rebirth/Death won't stay us 3/5 (traditional European true metal on the Pure Steel label; catchy songs, but mediocre vocals and annoying keys) - KIT
Chimaera - Myths and legends (hopefully coming soon)
Chinchilla - Take no prisoners 3.5/5 (5th CD of German melodic power, featuring their strongest collection of songs to date) - KIT
Chinchilla - Madtropolis 2.5/5 (melodic German power metal with hard rock touches and radio-ready choruses) - KIT
Chinchilla - The last millenium 2.5/5 - KIT
Chinchilla - Madness 3/5 - KIT
Chinchilla - Horroscope (hopefully coming soon)
Christian Mistress - Possession 3.5/5 (cool, rough-hewn proto metal from Washington with gritty female vocals and a fiercely old-school approach; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Christian Mistress - Agony and opium 3.5/5 (intriguing grimy proto-metal debut channeling Diamond Head, Zuul and Metallica's 'Kill 'em all', with raspy female vocals) - KIT
Christmess - Mystical alien 3/5 (Brazilian metal debut sure to inspire your holy daze; comparable to Steel Warrior, Shaman, Almah, Aquaria, etc.) - MICHAEL
Chrome Division - 3rd round knockout 3/5 (3rd time is not the charm with new vocalist Shady Blue; the songs are more countrified, and less rockin') - MICHAEL
Chrome Division - Booze, broads & Beelzebub 3/5 (more doomsday moto-psycho riffs of ravaged rock 'n roll; has a killer ZZ Top cover, but the debut is better) - MICHAEL
Chrome Division - Doomsday rock 'n roll 4/5 Chrome Division Review - MICHAEL
Chrome Molly - Gunpowder diplomacy 3/5 (NWOBHM act bring back the angst with more rockin' anthems for fans of Demon, Tygers of Pan Tang, Saracen, Savage, etc.) - MICHAEL
Chrome Molly - Slaphead (hopefully coming soon)
Chrome Molly - Angst 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chrome Molly - Stick it out (hopefully coming soon)
Chrome Molly - You can’t have it all 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chroming Rose - Insight 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chroming Rose - New world 3/5 - MICHAEL
Chroming Rose - Pressure 4/5 - MICHAEL
Chroming Rose - Garden of Eden 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Chroming Rose - Louis XIV 4/5 - MICHAEL
Chronology - The eye of time 4/5 (long but killer heavy/power metal debut a la Machine Men, Dream Master, Jacobs Dream, Clairvoyants, Desert Sin and Iron Maiden) - CLINT
Cinnamun Beloved - The weird moment 3/5 (pleasant female fronted symphonic gothic metal debut with both atmospheric and bombastic songs; like recent Within Temptation) - CHRIS
Circle II Circle - Seasons will fall 3.5/5 (popular melodic/heavy metal band is back with a strong 6th CD, which contains some welcomed similarities to Savatage) - CLINT
Circle II Circle - Consequence of power 3/5 (solid CD from this heavy/melodic metal band, but it's not too exciting and their songwriting seems stagnant) - CLINT
Circle II Circle - Consequence of power 3/5 Circle II Circle Review - SEAN
Circle II Circle - Delusions of grandeur 3.5/5 (another strong CD from the band, but the vocals are a bit too high in the mix and I like the previous 'Burden of truth' more) - CLINT
Circle II Circle - Delusions of grandeur 4.5/5 Circle II Circle Review - SEAN
Circle II Circle - Burden of truth 4/5 (former Savatage vocalist's band surprises me by matching the quality of their debut; much more consistent than their previous CD) - CLINT
Circle II Circle - The middle of nowhere 3.5/5 (2nd CD from ex-Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens' band that takes a minor step backwards in quality) - CLINT
Circle II Circle - Watching in silence 4/5 (debut with some nice vocals and songwriting that thankfully remind me of Savatage) - CLINT
Circle of Silence - The blackened halo 3.5/5 (good heavy-duty German metal a la Brainstorm with groovy riffs, gritty vocals and ample melody; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Circle of Silence - The supremacy of time (hopefully coming soon)
Circle of Silence - Your own story (hopefully coming soon)
Circus Maximus - Nine 3.5/5 Circus Maximus Review - CREAG
Circus Maximus - Isolate 3.5/5 Circus Maximus Review - CREAG
Circus Maximus - The 1st chapter 3.5/5 - CREAG
Cirith Ungol - Paradise lost 3.5/5 - KIT
Cirith Ungol - One foot in hell 2.5/5 - KIT
Cirith Ungol - King of the dead 2/5 - KIT
Cirith Ungol - Frost and fire 2/5 - JOHN
Citadel (Fin) - Transition 3.5/5 Citadel Review - CLINT
Citadel (Rus) - The game of light and shadow 4.5/5 Citadel Review - CLINT
Cities - Annihilation absolute 4.5/5 - KIT
Civil War - The killer angels 4/5 Civil War Review - KIT
Civilization One - Calling the gods 2.5/5 Civilization One Review - CREAG
Civilization One - Revolution rising 3.5/5 Civilization One Review - CREAG
CJSS - Kings of the world 3/5 - MICHAEL
CJSS - Praise the loud 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
CJSS - World gone mad 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Clairvoyant - Time's crime (hopefully coming soon)
Clairvoyant - Fighter's soul 2/5 - KIT
Clairvoyants - The shape of things to come 3/5 (2nd CD of heavy/power metal comparable to Dream Master, but with less of the Iron Maiden influences than the debut) - CLINT
Clairvoyants - Word to the wise 3.5/5 (very good heavy/power metal debut in the style of Machine Men and Dream Master, but with a big Iron Maiden influence) - CLINT
Clan Destined (The) - In the big ending 4/5 (Martin Walkyier elevates the elemental Skyclad vibes to create a folk montage of poetic wisdom) - MICHAEL
Claymore (The) - Damnation reigns 3.5/5 (well done 3rd CD from this melodic power metal band, but it doesn't quite reach the level of excellence) - CLINT
Claymore (The) - Sygn 4/5 Claymore Review - CLINT
Claymore (The) - Monument 3.5/5 (near outstanding debut of classy/melodic power metal with vocals similar to Geoff Tate of Queensryche; should appeal to many) - CLINT
Clenched Fist - The gift of death (hopefully coming soon)
Clenched Fist - Tribute to the brave ones 3/5 Clenched Fist Review - KIT
Cloudscape - New era 3.5/5 (4th CD from this melodic metal band after some line-up changes; has less progressive and power metal elements, and more of a modern direction) - CLINT
Cloudscape - Global drama 4/5 (3rd CD of melodic metal with a progressive/power metal edge; pegged by many as their best CD to date, but I think 'Crimson skies' is) - CLINT
Cloudscape - Crimson skies 4.5/5 Cloudscape Review - CLINT
Cloudscape - s/t 4.5/5 Cloudscape Review - CLINT
Cloven Hoof - The definitive part one 4/5 Cloven Hoof Review - CREAG
Cloven Hoof - Eye of the sun 2.5/5 Cloven Hoof Review - CREAG
Cloven Hoof - A sultan's ransom 4.5/5 - CREAG
Cloven Hoof - Dominator 4.5/5 - CREAG
Cloven Hoof - s/t 4/5 - CREAG
Cobra - Back from the dead 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cobra - Warriors of the dead 3/5 - MICHAEL
Code Red - Wolves of warfield 3.5/5 (rippin' Japanese thrash debut in line with Ritual Carnage, Sodom, Explosicum, and Hellhound) - MICHAEL
Codex (The) - s/t 4/5 Codex Review - CLINT
C.O.E. - Metal 3/5 - KIT
Coexistence - Flow 4.5/5 Coexistence Review - CLINT
Cold Sight - A/H1N1 3.5/5 Cold Sight Review - CLINT
Cold Steel - Freakboy 2/5 - MICHAEL
Coldspell - Out from the cold 3.5/5 (great 2nd CD of Swedish traditional metal a la Midnight Sun, Locomotive Breath, Mean Streak, Silver Mountain, etc.) - MICHAEL
Coldspell - Infinite stargaze 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Colossus - And the rift of the pan-dimensional undergods 3.5/5 (old-fashioned U.S. metal debut a la High Spirits, Slough Feg, Lords of the Trident, etc.) - KIT
Coma - Mindless 3/5 (Italian blackened thrash debut with modern elements; similar to Ultra-Violence, Deathraiser, Hell's Thrash Horsemen, 23rd Grade of Evil, etc.) - MICHAEL
Comando Nuclear - Guerreiros da noite (hopefully coming soon)
Comando Nuclear - Batalhao infernal 3.5/5 (old-school Portuguese-language metal debut with thrash elements; like a Brazilian Destructor) - KIT
Commander - The high 'n mighty 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Communic - The bottom deep 4.5/5 (killer 4th CD from this extra-heavy progressive/power metal band; contains a powerful ending that leaves a lasting impression) - CLINT
Communic - Payment of existence 4.5/5 (rising progressive heavy/power metal band gives us an awesome 3rd CD that's highly recommended to fans of the band) - CLINT
Communic - Waves of visual decay 5/5 Communic Review - CLINT
Communic - Conspiracy in mind 4/5 - CLINT
Concept - The divine cage 3/5 (fine 2nd CD that continues to follow the footsteps of Labyrinth, slight improvement over their debut) - CLINT
Concept - Reason and truth 2.5/5 (debut that's similar to the more progressive Labyrinth CDs, but maybe not as catchy) - CLINT
Concept of God - Visions 4/5 Concept of God Review - KIT
Conception - Flow 3.5/5 (4th and final CD from this progressive power metal band that features vocalist Roy Khan who's now in Kamelot) - CLINT
Conception - In your multitude 4/5 - CLINT
Conception - Parallel minds 3.5/5 - CLINT
Conception - The last sunset 3/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Savior never cry 3/5 (solid CD from this established Japanese power metal band; has a new vocalist, but he’s not as special as their long-time Takashi Inoue) - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Angel of chaos 3.5/5 (another great CD from this Japanese neo-classical power metal band, and it contains many terrific guitar solos; their 8th CD) - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Rise from ashes 3.5/5 (one of the most popular Japanese neo-classical power metal bands returns with another great CD consistent with their others) - CLINT
Concerto Moon - After the double cross 4/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Life on the wire 3.5/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Gate of triumph 4/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Rain forest 3.5/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - From father to son 3/5 - CLINT
Concerto Moon - Fragments of the moon 3/5 - CLINT
Concrete Force - Mental enforcers 3/5 (debut from Greek speed/thrash metal duo who keep the pedal to the metal, with a touch of punk in their old-school attack) - KIT
Conniption - A method to madness 3/5 (raw old-school U.S. metal debut sounding like NWOBHM meets Death Angel; keep an eye on these guys) - KIT
Conorach - Tales from the tavern 3.5/5 Conorach Review - CLINT
Conquest (Ukr) - IV 3.5/5 (great 4th CD of Ukrainian power metal with English lyrics; very consistent with their other CDs and it reminds me a lot of the band Sunrise) - CLINT
Conquest (Ukr) - Empire 3.5/5 (power metal band's 3rd CD that's melodic, aggressive, and has lots of speed; with a better singer, this would have been of even greater quality) - CLINT
Conquest (Ukr) - Frozen sky 3.5/5 Conquest Review - CLINT
Conquest (Ukr) - Endless power 3.5/5 - CLINT
Conquest (U.S.) - End of days (hopefully coming soon)
Conquest (U.S.) - No boundaries (hopefully coming soon)
Conquest (U.S.) - Damnation (hopefully coming soon)
Conquest (U.S.) - Rage 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Conquest (U.S.) - Wicked ways (hopefully coming soon)
Conquest of Steel - Storm sword: Rise of the dread queen 3/5 Conquest of Steel Review - CREAG
Conquest of Steel - Hammer & fist 3/5 Conquest of Steel Review - CREAG
Conquest of Steel - s/t 4/5 (rousing, well-executed, no-frills true metal debut from England; a no-brainer for the Manowar/Majesty set) - KIT
Consfearacy - s/t 3.5/5 (U.S./German combo debut of thrashy power metal like a hybrid of Imagika, Brainstorm, Vicious Rumours and Annihilator) - KIT
Control Denied - The fragile art of existence 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Convict - Go ahead... make my day! 3/5 - MICHAEL
Convicted - s/t 3.5/5 Convicted Review - KIT
Convicted - Nuclear escape (hopefully coming soon)
Conviction - Decline/Rebirth 4/5 - KIT
Convixion - s/t 3.5/5 (intense thrash debut with some goofy lyrics, but plenty of hooks and riffs; for fans of Cryptic Slaughter, Massacra and Vengeance Rising) - MICHAEL
Cooper, D.C. - s/t 2/5 (pretty boring solo debut from the former Royal Hunt/Silent Force singer; check out Silent Force instead) - JOHN
Core Device - What I've become 3.5/5 (though it didn't shock me like their debut, this is a worthy 2nd CD of unique and catchy heavy/power/thrash metal) - CLINT
Core Device - Our fellowship eternal 4.5/5 Core Device Review - CLINT
Core Device - Our fellowship eternal 4/5 Core Device Review - KIT
Corey Smoot Experience (The) - When worlds collide 3/5 (an honorary tribute to his musical talent, by members of Gwar and others who celebrate his memory) - MICHAEL
Cornerstone - Two tales of one tomorrow (hopefully coming soon)
Cornerstone - Once upon our yesterdays 3/5 - KIT
Cornerstone - Human stain (hopefully coming soon)
Cornerstone - Arrival (hopefully coming soon)
Coronatus - Terra incognita 3.5/5 (gothic/symphonic/power metal band is back with their 4th CD but 2 new female vocalists; this band reminds me a lot of Elis) - CLINT
Coronatus - Fabula magna 3.5/5 (3rd CD of symphonic/gothic metal with 2 female vocalists; nothing extra-spectacular, but most of the songs are terrific) - CLINT
Coronatus - Porta obscura 3.5/5 (2nd CD of symphonic metal with a dual female vocal attack; slightly better than the debut and is for fans of bands like Visions of Atlantis) - CLINT
Coronatus - Lux noctis 3/5 Coronatus Review - CLINT
Coroner - Grin 1.5/5 - CRAIG
Coroner - Mental vortex 2/5 - CRAIG
Coroner - No more color 2.5/5 - CRAIG
Coroner - Punishment for decadence 3/5 - CRAIG
Coroner - R.I.P. 3/5 - CRAIG
Corruptor - Towering inferno 3/5 (pretty cool old-school thrash debut with lightning riffs, enough melody, and a few modern nods) - KIT
Count Raven - Mammons war 3.5/5 (killer comeback from Swedish doomlords in the style of Saint Vitus, Penance, Griftegard and Witchcraft) - MICHAEL
Count Raven - Messiah of confusion (hopefully coming soon)
Count Raven - High on infinity 3/5 - MICHAEL
Count Raven - Destruction of the void 3/5 - MICHAEL
Count Raven - Storm warning 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Courageous - Downfall of honesty 3/5 (semi-modern powerthrash comparable to Brainstorm, Downspirit, Desilence and Eldritch; their 4th CD) - MICHAEL
Courageous - Inertia (hopefully coming soon)
Courageous - Remember (hopefully coming soon)
Courageous - Listen (hopefully coming soon)
Coven (MI, U.S.) Worship new gods 3/5 - MICHAEL
Coven (WA, U.S.) - Boneless christian 1.5/5 - MICHAEL
Coven (WA, U.S.) - Death walks behind you 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Coven (WA, U.S.) - Blessed is the black 4.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crashdiet - The savage playground (hopefully coming soon)
Crashdiet - Generation wild 3.5/5 (3rd CD of slick, highly polished 80s hair metal from Sweden; like heavier Skid Row and Motley Crue with a modern production) - KIT
Crashdiet - The unattractive revolution (hopefully coming soon)
Crashdiet - Rest in sleaze (hopefully coming soon)
Crawl 2 Chaos - Wasteland America 3.5/5 Crawl 2 Chaos Review - MICHAEL
Crawler - Knight of the word 3/5 (debut that channels Maidenesque melodies with a sound similar to Clairvoyants, Casus Belli, Outloud and Attick Demons) - MICHAEL
Creation's End - A new beginning 3/5 (dark heavy progressive metal with virtuoso guitars and M. DiMeo on vocals; for serious progheads only) - KIT
Creeper - Welcome to room #9 3/5 (Texas-based Pantera-inspired thrash debut, with a hint of Ritual Misery, Warbeast and Texas Hippie Coalition) - MICHAEL
Creozoth - s/t 3/5 (no-frills, straightahead Swedish metal debut with a touch of doom; featuring 2 Candlemass members) - KIT
Crescent Shield - The stars of never seen 4/5 Crescent Shield Review - CRAIG
Crescent Shield - The last of my kind 4/5 Crescent Shield Review - CRAIG
Cresent - s/t 3/5 Cresent Review - JOHN
Crillson - Coming of a new age 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crimfall - The writ of sword 3/5 (2nd CD again blending folk/viking metal and symphonic/power metal, with female/male vocals; not as catchy as the debut) - CLINT
Crimfall - As the path unfolds 3.5/5 Crimfall Review - CLINT
Crimson Cult - Tales of doom 4/5 Crimson Cult Review - SEAN
Crimson Cult - s/t 4/5 Crimson Cult Review - SEAN
Crimson Fire - Metal is back 4/5 (charming old-fashioned and simple heavy metal debut from Greece for fans of NWOBHM, Gravestone, Faithful Breath, etc.) - KIT
Crimson Glory - Astronomica 3/5 - JOHN
Crimson Glory - Strange and beautiful 1/5 - JOHN
Crimson Glory - Transcendence 5/5 - JOHN
Crimson Glory - s/t 4/5 - JOHN
Crimson Rivers - Sorrowful hell 2.5/5 (frequently busy and monotonous “beauty and beast” symphonic dark metal debut with pretty female vocals that sometimes go flat) - CHRIS
Crimson Shadows - Glory on the battlefield 4/5 (incredibly fast and intense battlethrash debut similar to Seven Kingdoms, 3 Inches of Blood and Hammer Horde) - MICHAEL
Crimson Tears - The dark awakening 4.5/5 Crimson Tears Review - CLINT
Crimson Wind - The wings of salvation 3/5 (typical Italian power metal debut that doesn't offer up anything original, but the songs are good) - CLINT
Crimsonfire - s/t 4/5 (excellent melodic power metal debut that's highly recommended to fans of Burning Point, Black Majesty and Ghost Machinery) - CLINT
Crionic - Different 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cripper - Antagonist (hopefully coming soon)
Cripper - Devil reveals 3/5 (2nd CD of above average female fronted deathrash like Acid meets Arch Enemy, but how did they get on 70,000 Tons of Metal?) - MICHAEL
Cripper - Freak inside 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crom - Of love and death 4.5/5 Crom Review - KIT
Crom - Vengeance 4/5 Crom Review - KIT
Cro-Mags - Revenge (hopefully coming soon)
Cro-Mags - Near death experience 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cro-Mags - Alpha omega 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cro-Mags - Best wishes 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cro-Mags - The age of Quarrel 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cronos - Rock 'n' roll disease 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cronos - Dancing in the fire 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crossfire (Bel) - Sharpshooter 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crossfire (Bel) - Second attack 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crossfire (Bel) - See you in hell 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crossfire (Tur) - Aggression treaty 3/5 (respectable thrash/power debut like older Iced Earth sans triplets, but with rough vocals and a few groove elements) - KIT
Crosswind - Opposing forces 4/5 Crosswind Review - CRAIG
Crown of Glory - A deep breath of life 4/5 Crown of Glory Review - CLINT
Crown the Lost - Cold pestilent hope 3.5/5 (now defunct, once promising progressive/power metal act’s 3rd CD a la Jag Panzer, Steel Assassin and Savatage) - MICHAEL
Crown the Lost - Blind faith loyalty 3/5 (Pittsburgh powerhouse's sophomore outing of quality thrash/power metal similar to Jag Panzer and Pharaoh) - MICHAEL
Crown the Lost - Reverence dies within 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crows - The dying race 4/5 - KIT
Cruachan - Blood on the black robe 3/5 (their female vocalist is gone, leaving only the raspy dude; good quality folk metal, though it may not please all of their fans) - CLINT
Cruachan - The morrigan's call 3.5/5 (folk metal band returns with their best CD since 'The middle kingdom'; for fans of Alkonost, Orkrist, Dalriada and Almora) - CLINT
Cruachan - The morrigan's call 3/5 Cruachan Review - CREAG
Cruachan - Pagan 3/5 (unique 4th CD of female fronted folk metal, but there's something special with their 'The middle kingdom' CD) - CLINT
Cruachan - Fork-lore 3.5/5 (not as memorable as the previous 'The middle kingdom', but is still strong) - CLINT
Cruachan - The middle kingdom 4.5/5 (first CD to feature female vocals and is a huge leap in overall quality from the debut) - CLINT
Cruachan - Tuatha na gael 2/5 - CLINT
Crucified (The) - Nailed/Take up your cross 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crucified (The) - The pillars of humanity 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crucified (The) - s/t 4/5 - MICHAEL
Crucified Barbara - The midnight chase 3.5/5 (like Hysterica, these sister Swedes have stepped up their game and diversified their sound with this 3rd CD) - MICHAEL
Crucified Barbara - 'Til death do us party 3/5 (Sweden's answer to Girlschool and Rock Goddess is back with their 2nd CD; tight, intense, tough and sexy) - MICHAEL
Crucified Barbara - In distortion we trust 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crucified Mortals - s/t 3.5/5 (finally a CD by these Cleveland "no-nunsense" old-school knuckleheads who dwell at the altar of Cryptic Slaughter and Indestroy) - MICHAEL
Cruella - Shock the world 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cruella - Vengeance is mine 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crumbsuckers - Beast on my back (B.O.M.B.) 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crumbsuckers - Life of dreams 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crush - Kingdom of the kings 3/5 (ultra-cult Greek metal reissue originally from 1992, with Warlord/Omen influences; unpolished, but with some good ideas) - KIT
Crusher - Endless torment 3/5 (debut that’s a crossover appeal with a Slayer cover; for fans of Excel, Mayhem, early English Dogs and later Soothsayer) - MICHAEL
Crushing Blow - Cease fire 3.5/5 (good 2nd tier female-fronted traditional metal from France a la Mystery Blue, Crystal Viper, etc.; their 2nd CD) - KIT
Crushing Blow - Far away 3/5 Crushing Blow Review - KIT
Crying Steel - The steel is back! 3/5 (anthemic 80s metal from Italy like a lesser Shok Paris or old Leatherwolf; they should've skipped the pedophilia song though) - KIT
Crying Steel - On the prowl (hopefully coming soon)
Crylord - Blood of the prophets 3/5 (neo-classical power metal debut with popular vocalists Mark Boals, Goran Edman and Carsten Schulz; predictable, but solid) - CLINT
Cryonic - Kings of Avalon 2.5/5 Cryonic Review - CREAG
Cryonic - Evil mind 3.5/5 Cryonic Review - CREAG
Cryonic Temple - Immortal 3/5 (power metal band's 4th CD that has the band going in a heavier/crunchier, but less melodic, direction) - CLINT
Cryonic Temple - Immortal 3/5 Cryonic Temple Review - SEAN
Cryonic Temple - In thy power 4.5/5 (powerful 3rd CD of pure power metal that rises above the competition; awesome!) - CLINT
Cryonic Temple - In thy power 4/5 Cryonic Temple Review - DAVID
Cryonic Temple - Blood, guts & glory 4/5 (great 2nd CD with more focus on songwriting and choruses this time) - CLINT
Cryonic Temple - Chapter l 4/5 - CLINT
Cryptic Slaughter - Speak your peace 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cryptic Slaughter - Stream of consciousness 2.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cryptic Slaughter - Money talks 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crysalys - The awakening of Gaia 4/5 (strong debut of gothic/symphonic metal with amazing operatic female vocals; has some powerful moments like Iluminato and Epica) - CLINT
Crystal Age - Far beyond divine horizons 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Crystal Ball - Secrets 3.5/5 (appealing melodic rock/metal, which has a colorful blend of modern European melodic metal and classic 80s hard rock; their 6th CD) - SEAN
Crystal Ball - Time walker 2.5/5 (above average hard rock/power metal that does everything well but nothing really well; nice but fairly typical and ordinary) - DAVID
Crystal Ball - Hellvetia 2.5/5 - DAVID
Crystal Ball - Virtual empire (hopefully coming soon)
Crystal Ball - Hard impact (hopefully coming soon)
Crystal Ball - In the beginning (hopefully coming soon)
Crystal Castle - October hymns 1/5 (power metal debut that needed more work in the production department) - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - Chained 3.5/5 (predictable but very good 6th CD that should satisfy fans of the band, unless they're hoping for something different this time) - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - Dead city dreaming 3.5/5 (one of the more original bands is back with a CD complete with terrific songs, containing less fillers than their previous CD) - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - Confessions of the maker 3/5 (enjoyable 4th CD that's grown on me after many listens, but contains a good deal of fillers) - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - Vengeance descending 3.5/5 (3rd CD that's consistent with their previous CDs; a fairly original band) - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - In silence they march 3.5/5 - CLINT
Crystal Eyes - World of black and silver 3.5/5 - CLINT
Crystal Shark - Carchaphobia (hopefully coming soon)
Crystal Shark - Megaladon 4/5 (excellent 2nd CD of traditional anthemic German metal; mixing U.D.O. and Atlain perhaps) - KIT
Crystal Shark - Downfall of Eden 3/5 - MICHAEL
Crystal Tears - Generation X 4/5 (pounding Greek heavy metal produced by Liapakis, with sublime vocals from Ian Parry; their 3rd CD) - KIT
Crystal Tears - Choirs of immortal 4/5 Crystal Tears Review - KIT
Crystal Tears - Embrace the horror 3/5 (very promising independent power metal debut from Hellas) - KIT
Crystal Viper - Crimen excepta 4/5 (Polish metal masters’ 4th CD is lyrically darker, but still highly polished melodic steel) - KIT
Crystal Viper - Legends 4/5 Crystal Viper Review - KIT
Crystal Viper - Metal nation 4.5/5 Crystal Viper Review - KIT
Crystal Viper - The curse of Crystal Viper 4.5/5 Crystal Viper Review - KIT
Crystallion - Hundred days 4/5 (outstanding 3rd CD of catchy power metal with strong vocals; I really dig this band, and this CD is just as great as their previous 'Hattin') - CLINT
Crystallion - Hattin 4/5 (power metal band's excellent 2nd CD that's thoroughly enjoyable and it's even better than their great debut; highly recommended!) - CLINT
Crystallion - A dark enchanted crystal night 3.5/5 Crystallion Review - CLINT
Culprit - Guilty as charged 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cursed (The) - Room full of sinners 3/5 - MICHAEL
Custard - Infested by anger 3/5 Custard Review - CREAG
Custard - Forces remain 3.5/5 Custard Review - CREAG
Custard - Wheels of time 3.5/5 Custard Review - DAVID
Custard - For my king 3.5/5 Custard Review - DAVID
Custard - Kingdoms of your life 4/5 - DAVID
Cwn Annwn - The alpha and the omega 4/5 Cwn Annwn Review - KIT
Cwn Annwn - The method of murder 3/5 - KIT
Cyanide Scream - Unfinished business 3/5 (meat'n'potatoes mid-paced traditional U.S. metal debut that, while good, has simple riffs and repetitive arrangements) - KIT
Cyclone - Inferior to none 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cyclone - Brutal destruction 4/5 - MICHAEL
Cyclone Temple - My friend lonely 3/5 - MICHAEL
Cyclone Temple - I hate therefore I am 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cyclophonia - Impact is imminent 3.5/5 Cyclophonia Review - CREAG
Cydonia - The dark flower 1.5/5 (2nd CD that leans towards a darker and thrashier feel, completely different than their cool debut of typical Italian power metal) - CLINT
Cydonia - s/t 3/5 - CLINT
Cygnus - Liquid mirrors 3.5/5 Cygnus Review - CLINT
Cynic - Traced in air 3/5 (2nd CD that's a decent comeback, but isn't as impressive as 'Focus'; for fans of Believer, Atheist, Pestilence, Death, etc.) - MICHAEL
Cynic - Focus 3.5/5 - MICHAEL
Cyntia - Endless world 4/5 Cyntia Review - CLINT
Cypher Seer - Origins 4/5 (powerful 2nd CD from this U.S. power metal band; features a new vocalist who reminds me a lot of Vanishing Point's Silvio Massaro) - CLINT
Cypher Seer - Awakening day 4/5 Cypher Seer Review - CLINT

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