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Everglow - Destination 3.5/5

Reviewed: 11-1-13


1. Intro
2. Far away
3. Destination
4. Frozen tears
5. The other world
6. Salvation
7. Leave
8. Addicted
9. Werewolf
10. Just for you
11. Last chance

Out of Belgium, Everglow is a band that was formed way back in 2000 and after a few demos (spanning over a decade) they've finally unveiled their full-length debut 'Destination', which is self-released. The CD's main style is power metal and there is plenty of speed, but there are keys and it's lightly symphonic at times too.

Vocally, this is another female fronted band - led by Cindy Baert, who's not of the soprano (operatic) type, and instead is more in the alto range. She does a great job and I'm positive she would appeal to a lot of power metal fans. Considering both the music and vocals, comparisons have definitely come to mind, and they would be Evarest, Gwyllion, Holyhell, Ebony Ark, Trophallaxy, Mercury Rain, Winter Haze, Triosphere, and perhaps Dawn of Destiny during the faster and more aggressive parts.

Though the CD isn't the most original I've heard, all of the songs are great and it's a really consistent CD as well, with a solid flow from beginning to end. For those who have and enjoy the CDs from the aforementioned bands, this will be a pleasing listen, for sure. So although it's another female fronted power metal CD among the many, it's recommended to fans of the style, and will certainly get plenty of spins from me.




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