Euroforce - s/t 3/5

Reviewed: 12-2-05


1. Spirit raven
2. The European lie
3. Trumpets of old
4. Crown seeker
5. Modern times
6. Hellenic spirit
7. By Neptune's hand
8. Spirits by my side
9. Brighter hellas
10. Weeping of stone
11. Ubiquitous
12. Byzantine heritage

Although the band name Euroforce makes the band sound like a typical power metal band like, say, the band Dragonforce, this band is actually a pure neo-classical metal band along the lines of Malmsteen and Richard Andersson’s various bands (Time Requiem, Space Odyssey and Majestic). There is no letup on this CD; the production is thick and heavy; the double bass drumming doesn’t slow down very often and band leader Theorore Ziras’ guitar lines and riffs are furious and persistent through the entire CD. Singer Jiotis Parcharisis, borrowed from the band Human Fortress, is excellent for this type of music. He has a powerful, low, throaty voice that is effective and should not be objectionable to any listener.

The most important part of any CD, of course, is the songwriting and that is mostly good here, but there are some inconsistencies which limit the overall quality of the CD. The most mystifying thing about this CD is the selection of the first track. A CD’s opener sets the tone for the CD and, in some cases, is the deciding factor on whether a person will listen to the rest of the CD. In a strange move, this CD’s worst track, “Spirit raven” is the opener. There is no redeeming quality to the vocal lines on this track and I wouldn’t be surprised if some listeners don’t make it past this first track. Thankfully things turn for the better starting with tracks 2 and 3, “The European lie” and “Trumpets of old” which are both very, very good. The CD is a mixed bag thereafter with a few average to above average tracks. The 2 remaining exceptions are “By Neptune’s hand”, a nice ballad, and “Spirits by my side” which is an exceptional and explosive track.

Overall, this is a very nice release. It fits perfectly into the neo-classical genre and its quality is competitive with some of the better CDs in that genre. Parcharisis’ voice is excellent for this type of music, Ziras is a non-stop riff machine and the CD has an excellent, thick production. The songwriting is inconsistent, which is the only thing holding the CD back. There are enough top tracks to show the potential that the band has, but there are enough average tracks to drag the CD down. It's still an above average CD and Euroforce is likely to do even better in the future.




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