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Elements - Northern echoes 4/5

Reviewed: 7-24-09


1. Truthseeker
2. One in the dark
3. Runaway
4. Towards the new day
5. Wish or night
6. Sorrowmaker
7. Torment
8. How can you?

Nope, this is not another symphonic metal band. Though Elements (out of Finland) and their full-length debut 'Northern echoes' is female fronted, the style is fairly straightforward melodic power metal. Think Mastercastle, Beautiful Sin, Oratory, Triosphere and Shadowside, but I'm also reminded of a lot of other female fronted power metal bands like Sinergy, Evarest, Seven Angels, Heavenfalls, Saeko, Thalion and Ocean Soul, though there are even times when I think of traditional female fronted power metal bands like Crystal Viper, Twilight Odyssey, Phoenix Reign and Seventh Seal.

Elements is led by the confident Ida Lindell, whose mid-ranged voice is typical of power metal; clear and melodic, with good range. I like her voice quite a bit, and those who enjoy the vocalists from the many aforementioned bands should as well. The choruses on this CD are great too, and of the sing-a-long type - sure to satisfy major fans of power metal. Actually, some of the songs kinda have a vibe that's not unlike what's heard from the popular Stratovarius. However, there are very little keys on this debut. The focus (besides Ida's vocals and the choruses) is certainly on the catchy guitar work and the many fantastic guitar solos.

The CD immediately jumps into power metal excitement with the fast-paced "Truthseeker", and besides some brief slow moments in a few of the songs, doesn't really let up throughout its entirety. It's one of those CDs that's fun, memorable, and leaves you wanting more. Even though it doesn't contain a lot of originality, if you're even remotely interested in female fronted power metal, you're going to be happy with this CD, as the songwriting is excellent. So I can't envision a major power metal fan calling this average, since there's just too many things about it that's enjoyable.




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