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Elegacy - Impressions 4/5

Reviewed: 4-25-08


1. More than a man
2. Towards the unknown
3. Falling
4. Dream hunter
5. My last words
6. The sign of the hawk
7. The endless struggle
8. The wizard's cave
9. The veil (Pyramus et thisbe)
10. Lucid storm
11. The words you hear

Elegacy is an Italian band that began their career as Legacy, but they never passed the demo stage under that name and eventually changed to Elegacy. 'Impressions' is their full-length debut, and just like a lot of debuts I've acquired recently, it's been a great surprise. The band plays progressive power metal and comparisons could be made to Elegy, DGM, Manigance, and maybe even Lanfear. Yeah, cool huh?

While vocalist Gianluigi Girardi is pretty much your typical Italian vocalist, he's not nearly as high-pitched as a lot of his countrymen, so don't expect a lot of falsetto, and instead think of a blend of Titta Tani from DGM and Ian Parry from Elegy. Just like these guys, Gianluigi has a very strong and clear voice that's plenty satisfying, easily competitive for the style, and he really helps the CD maintain its high quality.

Musically, 'Impressions' is an upbeat and exciting CD, very similar to what we get from DGM. There is a lot of speed, many keyboard highlights (including some terrific solos!), and even a few neo-classical passages. While I'd definitely label this CD progressive power metal, the band leans more towards power metal and it's far from the light (or "wimpy") progressive metal style of bands like Dream Theater. Still, there are 2 fantastic ballads to bring in some variety, those being track 5 "My last words" and track 9 "The veil (Pyramus et thisbe)", which both feature a spectacular guitar solo. But while I like those 2 songs a lot, I like every other song on the CD just as much, as it's consistently excellent.

Even though 'Impressions' is only the band's debut, it doesn't feel like it at all. In fact, this sounds like a band's 3rd or 4th CD, or the next DGM - it's that good! So fans of progressive power metal and the aforementioned bands (especially DGM) would be wise to check this out as soon as possible.




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