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Edgend - A new identity 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-10


1. Into the equation - A mask without identity
2. Internal fire
3. My oath
4. Acts of disgrace
5. Revelation
6. A chosen truth
7. The pain
8. Winds from the abyss
9. Balance
10. Voices
11. Out of the equation - A new identity

Israel definitely isn't known for providing a lot of metal bands, but that's where new band Edgend is located. 'A new identity' is their full-length debut (finally complete - after the band has gone through years of line-up changes) and it's been released through Nightmare Records. The style is progressive power metal with some symphonic and neo-classical elements, and it's a familiar style. Comparisons are therefore easy, and they are Adagio, Elegy, Auvernia, Darkwater, Myrath and Suspyre, though the band that jumps out immediately as an extremely close comparison is Symphony X.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Rami Salmon, who is typical for the style, and quite similar to the vocalists from the mentioned bands. He's a fine vocalist, though I must admit that he almost sounds too close to the comparable vocalists. Just like you'd expect, there are some excellent musical segments on this CD, and they greatly impress. There's a solid balance of tempo too, with enough speed to satisfy and there are some slow parts as well. I certainly like the faster songs the most - track 3 "My oath", track 4 "Acts of disgrace" and track 5 "Revelation" are all strong, and track 7 (with both keyboard solos and guitar solos) is also of high quality. I consider the mid-paced songs to be good, but I simply wish they were catchier. Unfortunately, none of the slower songs/parts really do anything for me. Specifically, track 6 "A chosen truth" is just boring and lacks some emotion.

Overall, this is a very good debut CD and I can call it a promising start, but besides not really liking the slow songs/parts, it's also not the most memorable CD in the style, especially considering that it sounds a lot like Symphony X, who frankly have much better CDs under their belt. Actually, I don't know how much major Symphony X are going to like this. On one hand, here's another band/CD in the style they love. On the other hand, it's not up there with the best of what Symphony X has already provided. So it's tough for me to say how Symphony X fans (or basically major fans of this style) will feel about this CD. Personally, I enjoy the listening experience each and every time, but after each spin, I'm not really urged to pop the CD back in.




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