Edguy - Theater of salvation 5/5

Reviewed: 12-30-05


1. The healing vifion
2. Babylon
3. The headleff game
4. Land of the miracle
5. Wake up the king
6. Falling down
7. Arrowf fly
8. Holy shadowf
9. Another time
10. The unbeliever
11. Theater of salvation

Edguy has finally done what we all knew they would do eventually: live up to their potential. Remarkably, all band members are still in their early 20's and this is already their 4th CD. The previous 3 have been increasing in quality, and with this new one, they have made their first great CD. The key man here is Tobias Sammet. He writes almost all the material and is a great vocalist; in fact, he is starting to sound remarkably like the great Bruce Dickinson. The rest of the band is also excellent. But like all great CDs, it is the songs which explode here.

Just about the whole CD is uptempo, with just a couple of slower tracks, "Land of the miracle", a fantastic ballad, and "Another time". The CD starts sounding like it's going to be a neo–classical outing with the first 3 tracks. After "Land of the miracle", however, the CD simply explodes into a metal fest with tracks like "Wake up the king" (which is an absolutely amazing track), "Falling down", "Arrows fly", and "The unbeliever". The only mediocre track is "Holy shadows", which is alright, but doesn't live up to the rest of the CD. If this CD ended with track 10 "The Unbeliever", this would still be a great CD. But it doesn't. It ends with the 12 minute title track, which is the best piece of music Edguy has recorded yet. Like most epic tracks, it is broken into several pieces. While the track is a little disjointed, the chorus is simply uplifting.

With this release, Edguy joins the greats of metal and if they continue on their upward path they could become the greatest of all time given how great they are at such a young age. Whatever you are looking for in a power metal CD, this CD has it; power, speed, performance, melody, originality, great songwriting. I would hate to think that Edguy has peaked so early in their career, but this CD is so good that they may just have done so. Regardless, buy it, listen to it, wear it out and enjoy the hell out of this phenomenal CD.




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