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Edenbridge - Shine 4/5

Reviewed: 12-30-04


1. Shine
2. Move along home
3. Centennial legend
4. Wild chase
5. And the road goes on
6. What you leave behind
7. Elsewhere
8. October sky
9. The canterville prophecy
10. The canterville ghost

Already with their 4th CD in as many years, Edenbridge has shown that they can compete with the likes of Nightwish, Visions of Atlantis, and Elis. But with 'Shine', they prove that bands can always get better, and do more than just "compete". Although Edenbridge has never really wow'd me, as say, Nightwish has, they've always been able to release quality CDs that certainly satisfy. They come closer to the high bar that Nightwish has set with 'Shine' though. It doesn't sound a whole lot different than their previous CDs, Sabine still has her angelic voice, and musically they're not trying anything new. What they've accomplished though, is they've written catchier songs, and this was a must, as a 4th CD without songwriting improvement would have surely left a stale sound with the band.

The first spin of 'Shine' was really enjoyable for me. With the band being female fronted, it's easier to get away with listening to the CD at home around other family members, as opposed to Nevermore or Iced Earth for example. This probably isn't a problem for those who live with other "metalheads", but I have to be picky about what music the rest of the family is surrounded by. So with the stereo loud, and my focus on the music, I was able to hear the improvements with this CD right away. Track 1 "Shine" is magnificent, and probably the band's best song to date! The catchy track 2 "Move along home" is also superb, then we move to the slow track 3 "Centennial legend". The slower Edenbridge songs have never really done anything for me (which is probably surprising when you consider how wonderful Sabine's voice is), I prefer the slower material of Nightwish. But I will say that the few slow songs on 'Shine' easily out-do those on their previous CDs, and they definitely don't bombard us with slow songs, just a few to bring some variety and show off Sabine's beautiful voice. As the CD played on, I kept waiting to hear some weak or average songs, but it never happened. The smooth track 4 "Wild chase", and the fast-paced track 8 "October sky" passed by without a hint of dropping off. Even the long track 10 "The canterville ghost" gave me the same impression as the excellent track 1. The entire CD emanates an improved Edenbridge in every way, and the CD truely does "shine". All Edenbridge fans need to make sure this CD is on their shopping list, and those who are looking to get into the band, start with 'Shine' for sure!




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