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Eterna - Epiphany 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-20-09


1. Epiphany
2. Kyrie (intro)
3. Kyrie Eleison
4. Holy spirit
5. Dead eyes
6. Searching for salvation
7. I believe in love
8. After shadows
9. Power for the fools
10. Hard life
11. Final warning
12. Dreams
13. Keep fighting

Eterna is a Brazilian power metal band that's been around since 1995, but they haven't had very much success and their CDs throughout the years have been below average to average, at best. All of the ingredients have been in place, but the band has definitely been lacking in the songwriting department for many years. They've surely been overshadowed by popular Brazilian acts like Angra as well, and simply put, they've never become well known amongst power metal fans.

It was only recently that even I (a major fan of Brazilian power metal) decided to give the band a chance, and while I've certainly been unimpressed with their discography, the exception to this average band is definitely 'Epiphany', their 5th CD that's easily their best and it's also their latest CD, but it was released back in 2004. The band is still active however, so they may be getting set to release their 6th CD sometime soon.

While I struggled with motivation to continue spinning the band's first 4 CDs, I've enjoyed every spin of 'Epiphany', even if it doesn't blow me away like the best Brazilian power metal CDs out there. The CD has a familiar sound though, and while mostly power metal, the band has a progressive side too, and they've done a nice job of combining these styles. For comparisons, 'Epiphany' is thankfully in line with CDs from Angra, Glory Opera, Arghon, Shaman, Arwen, Eyes of Shiva, Aquaria, Sagga (Holy), Almah, Wizards and Endless.

Eterna is fronted by Leandro Cacoilo, who didn't stand out to me with the band's previous CDs, but his performance on 'Epiphany' is strong, reminding me many times of Fabio Lione (who's known for his roles in Rhapsody/Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine and Labyrinth). Leandro was actually the vocalist of Aquaria for a period, but to my knowledge, he's currently involved with just Eterna. Not only has the quality of his vocals increased with this CD, the band has also done a much better job with their choruses, as many of the songs stick in my head like they should.

Another successful aspect of 'Epiphany' is the song variety and tempo, as it's mixed up to near perfection, maintaining a balance that's interesting enough to keep the CD flowing. There is plenty of speed, enough slow moments, and the majority of the CD is fairly catchy. A few of the songs miss the mark (I don't care much for a lot of track 6 "Searching for salvation" and track 10 "Hard life" for quick examples), but most of the songs are winners and will please fans of Brazilian power metal and the many aforementioned bands. While I can only recommend this CD from the band's discography, the good thing is, the band is improving so their future is promising.




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